The Proper Way Of How You Should Declutter And Organize Your Room The Maria Kondo Way

Decluttering and Organizing your room is a challenging task to be doing. Hence, to have a vast knowledge of how you can effectively clean and have a tidy room is a must to experience a comfortable living situation. One of the best things you should be exploring is knowing Marie Kondo’s philosophy on how she makes your room better than before. If you follow her tips correctly, you’ll find you’ve create quite the pile of clutter to be thrown out or recycled, if this is the case call some trusted Sydney rubbish removalists to take care of it for you, finally removing it from your life.

This article will be discussing the Marie Kondo tips that you should consider doing in your room to have a better everyday living situation.

Who is Marie Kondo?

Marie Kondo is one of the most famous cleaning gurus that helps individuals like you to have an effective way of decluttering and organizing their room. The philosophy behind the Marie Kondo Tips will change the way you think of how you should be decluttering and organizing your space. But, before you start changing your room for the better, you need to consider the following.

Set Your Mind To Tidying Up

One of the most challenging things to do is decluttering and organizing your room. To do that, you will need a clear mind and a set of goals to achieve what you are aiming for fully. You will also need to set your mind that you will be doing individual activities throughout the week to take your room into a better living situation.

Hence, setting your mind to tidying up is an important start when you plan to declutter and organize your room. The best way to put your mind to make your space better is to always think about the future setup you will be enjoying once you are done decluttering and organizing your room.

You have to follow the philosophy of the Marie Kondo Tips. This is one of the best things you should consider before starting to declutter and organize your room. This can also boost up your willingness to set your room clean and to face future tiring activities.

Visualize The End Result

To start your decluttering and organizing journey, you will need to visualize the result of your room. Try to imagine the end of the trip where you are enjoying the fresh air, spacious room, and mesmerizing properly organized things. Hence, this is a great motivator to do if you are planning on making your space better.

An alternative action you can do is by thinking that you are not only doing this to change the way you live in your room but a way of changing how you perceive yourself through your everyday endeavors, which is an excellent way of changing your room and at the same time your life for the betterment.

Ask Whether The Object Sparks Joy

Throwing away your old things may be included in one of the most challenging things to do when you are decluttering and organizing your room. However, this stage of your journey must have more space and dispose of the things that you do not need. An example of a difficult thing to throw away is the things that bring you sentimental and nostalgia.

These are the things that will be the most challenging thing to be thrown away. In which way you should be considering if the particular object still brings usefulness and joy into your life. It will entirely depend on your decision-making if the specific item is useful or not. Hence, being able to distinguish the best thing to do thoroughly depends on you.

Follow An Order When Tidying

Following an order when tidying up can help you track the things that should be organized promptly. You can choose which type of category you want to start in decluttering, depending on your choice. However, a recommended option is to follow the Marie Kondo tips, which have five types of order on how you should sort them out.

The five categories for tidying up are clothes, books, papers, komono, and sentimental items. As you have noticed, sentimental items come at last because it is one of the hardest things you should consider throwing away from your life. Hence, following this order to have a better way of decluttering and organizing your room.


There are a lot of options on how you should start off decluttering and organizing your room. This Maria Kondo way ranks among the best and is mostly recommended by many you should consider in your room. Follow the tips that we have mentioned above, and you will surely be in good hands.

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