How to Fetch a Free BMW Vehicle History Report using VinPit?

BMW Vehicle

A BMW’s vehicle identification number (VIN) is made up of 17 characters, each of which is unique worldwide. The BMW’s VIN number comprises a wealth of details about the car, including the maker, the year and location of manufacturing, information on the engine, and a lot more. The VIN number of your BMW car can be located around the top of the suspension mounting beneath the car’s hood, engraved or printed.

A BMW manufacturing company is required to use the VIN number, which the ISO Institute created. Drivers may inspect their BMWs, look for compatible auto components, and seek vehicle information this way.

You may check out a secondhand BMW VIN with VinPit in advance if you intend to acquire it from the EU or the USA. You’ll learn if there had been any speedometer tampering, undiscovered breakage, or even a complete loss. This article will discuss how VinPit helps, where to find a BMW VIN, and some related FAQs. 

Part 1: VinPit Overview 

The trustworthy VIN decoding platform VinPit can quickly retrieve all the information about your 

BMW car from its VIN. One of the best web-based VIN lookup services with the quickest growth is VinPit, which is accessible through any browser. Depending on the manufacturer, state, or kind of vehicle, VinPit can decipher the VIN.

Additionally, it is a web-based system that can be accessed regardless of your location or the device you are using. You just need a few clicks and enter the VIN in the designated area of the website and you will get the results in a few minutes. 

BMW Vehicle

A BMW VIN consists of 17 symbols that combine letters and numbers. Deciphering a BMW VIN is something that you can perform even though it appears complicated. 

You will need to devote a significant amount of time deciphering, which is the drawback. For this reason, it is believed that employing a VIN decoder BMW, such as VinPit, is preferable. However, BMW VIN contains these below-mentioned characters:

Characters 1 – 3 demonstrate World Manufacturer Identifier.

Characters 4 – 9 show the vehicle description section.

Characters 10 – 17 display the vehicle identifier section.

Characters 12 – 17 contain Sequential Production Number, which is an innovative combination for every BMW. 

Part 2: Where to Find a BMW VIN? 

The BMW VIN is available in various locations. The dashboard on the driver’s side and close to the bottom of the windscreen are the leading areas to look for the VIN. The BMW VIN may also be found on the engine area, the driver’s side front door jamb, and the interior frame. 

BMW adds the vehicle identification number to its vehicles in other spots, such as –

  • Correct fender
  • The fuse box’s cover
  • enclosure for a transmission
  • front seat structure
  • pillars at the entrance
  • Front stabilizer cross-member area

As you know where to locate your BMW’s VIN and understand everything about BMW VIN lookup in VinPit, it’s time to understand the steps to use this premium BMW VIN decoder to search for a VIN number:

Step 1: Visit VinPit’s official site.

Step 2: On the homepage of VinPit, provide your BMW’s VIN on the search bar.

Step 3: Hit the search button.

Step 4: Your report will be generated within a few minutes. 

It’s advised to conduct a background check on the secondhand BMW you want to purchase. You should keep a close eye on the number of prior owners, mileage, and any potential documented defects in the historical record. Salvage Title is one of the most vital issues, particularly with US imports.

Part 3: BMW VIN Lookup FAQs

How does the BMW VIN lookup function?

Performing a free BMW VIN lookup with VinPit is hassle-free. All you need to do is provide your BMW’s VIN number on the search bar and hit the search button. After that, the platform will go on a data hunt and scan different authority databases to bring the most updated information about your recently purchased BMW. Once done, you can download the vehicle report instantly.  

What information will be included in the BMW VIN report?

The location of each digit or letter in the VIN code provides crucial details about your BMW’s manufacturing history, including where and when it was manufactured, the kind of engine it has, the generation or series it belongs to, and numerous features and accessories.

Can you check for the VIN of any BMW vehicle?

The VIN of your BMW may be located engraved on the car. The most frequent places are the interior frame or jamb of the front door on the driver’s side or the dashboard next to the driver’s side windshield. To simplify it to recognize a VIN, you must remember that a genuine BMW VIN has precisely 17 letters and digits.

What is the use of looking up a BMW VIN?

An online tool called BMW VIN Decoder, such as VinPit makes it possible to find out specific details about every pre-owned BMW vehicle. In order to prevent yourself from purchasing a hijacked or damaged car, a BMW VIN checkup may be done before the payments are made. BMW  VIN lookup can retrieve data such as the engine type, car manufacturer, model number, gearbox type, and many more.

Is the BMW VIN lookup service free?

For the purpose of detecting whether a car might have a history of insurance fraud claims, has ever been recorded as a junk vehicle, or has never been found, VinPit’s BMW VINCheck is a complimentary search service offered to the general public.


You can acquire accurate details of a used BMW with the aid of VinPit’s BMW vehicle history report. A report includes information on the background of the title, the number of prior owners, any significant warnings, and if the vehicle has ever been registered hijacked. 

Additionally, a history report includes information on the vehicle’s service records, any accidents it has had in the past, and its mileage. These are all significant facts that a prospective buyer must be familiar with. 

A flawless VIN lookup enables consumers to acquire crucial and significant information about any automobile. Several solutions on the marketplace provide thorough VIN checks. In contrast, VinPit ensures that the user gets experience learning about their BMW car. 

Hopefully, you understand why VinPit is the most excellent option for a comprehensive free VIN check. Lastly, the best part of using VinPit’s BMW VIN decoder is it’s free to use. If you use to check for your BMW VIN, you won’t spend anything. 

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