Thermo King® Introduces the 3rd Generation TriPac® Auxiliary Power Unit: Revolutionizing Transport Temperature Control

Thermo King

Thermo King, a pioneer in sustainable transport temperature control solutions, proudly presents the 3rd generation diesel TriPac® auxiliary power unit (APU). Enhancing the already popular TriPac Evolution, this latest model promises unparalleled comfort, top-notch performance, and a host of innovations aimed at reducing emissions, monitoring unit performance, and boosting profitability.

Advancing Sustainability with Two Eco-Friendly Models

The 3rd generation TriPac APU offers versatility and compliance with emission regulations through two distinct models. Firstly, we have a 49-state Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4 compliant solution designed for aftermarket installations. Secondly, the second model boasts a novel aftertreatment device (ATD) ensuring 50-state compliance with California Air Resource Board (CARB) and meeting EPA Tier 4 standards for new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket installations.

Fuel Efficiency and Environmental Benefits

Thermo King’s TriPac APU not only guarantees customer satisfaction but also aligns with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) targets by eliminating unnecessary engine idling, resulting in reduced fuel consumption. Remarkably, the TriPac consumes approximately 75% less fuel per hour, translating to substantial savings of 2,500 gallons annually or 10,000 gallons over the typical tractor ownership period. Furthermore, the APU’s operation reduces wear and tear on the primary tractor engine, ultimately enhancing the resale value of the vehicle.

Addressing Industry Challenges

Charlene Vance, APU portfolio leader at Thermo King Americas, explains, “The progression of our TriPac APU solves many challenges that fleets face today because it helps maximize comfort for drivers while also increasing the fleet’s return on investment and addressing emission regulations and connectivity.”

With fuel costs rising and a heightened focus on reduced emissions, APUs are no longer confined to Class 8 sleeper cabs. They are rapidly gaining popularity in adjacent markets, such as large service vehicles and heavy construction equipment like cranes.

Embracing Telematics for Enhanced Performance

Thermo King’s 3rd generation TriPac APU sets an industry benchmark by incorporating telematics capabilities. Leading the way is the renowned TracKing telematics, now available as an option for both 3rd generation models. Telematics empowers users with crucial data, including run hours, cabin temperatures, and fuel tax reporting. Real-time software updates, alarms, and maintenance reminders ensure optimal APU performance.

Elevated User Experience with Advanced Technology

The 3rd generation TriPac APU introduces an updated controller and an in-cab digital user interface, providing drivers with a premium and modern experience. The new digital controller grants drivers greater control over their comfort and APU operations with large cabin temperature readings, function icons, and toggling menus.

How to Get Your TriPac APU

Starting today, customers can place orders for the 3rd generation TriPac APU from any certified Thermo King dealer. Experience the future of transport temperature control and learn more about the 3rd generation TriPac APU.

With Thermo King’s 3rd generation TriPac APU, the future of sustainable and efficient transport is here. Upgrade to the latest innovation in auxiliary power units and lead the way to a greener tomorrow!

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