Why Chipboard Flat Mailers are a Game-Changer for Document Delivery

chipboard flat mailers

Hey there, fellow business owners and shipping enthusiasts! If you’ve ever been in the e-commerce or shipping game, you know how crucial the right packaging can be. Today, I want to dive deep into one of my favorite packaging solutions: chipboard flat mailers. I’ve seen these bad boys save businesses time, money, and a whole lot of headaches. 

What are Chipboard Flat Mailers?

Chipboard flat mailers are sturdy, flat envelopes made from chipboard. They’re designed to protect flat items, like documents or photographs, from bending or folding during shipping.

Key Features:

  • Rigidity: Unlike your standard envelope, these mailers are rigid, ensuring that whatever’s inside stays flat.
  • Lightweight: Despite their sturdiness, they’re surprisingly light, which can save on shipping costs.
  • Eco-friendly: Many chipboard mailers are recyclable, making them a green choice for businesses.

Why They’re a Game-Changer

Protection Like No Other

I remember once eagerly waiting for a signed contract from a client. When it finally arrived, it looked like it had been through a wrestling match. Creased, bent, and utterly unprofessional. That’s when I discovered the magic of chipboard flat mailers.

Key Benefits:

  • Rigidity: These mailers are like the bodyguards of the document world. They ensure that your precious cargo, whether it’s a legal document, a cherished photograph, or a diploma, remains pristine.
  • Durability: Unlike regular envelopes that can tear easily, chipboard mailers are tough. They can handle the rough and tumble of postal journeys without breaking a sweat.


Let’s talk money. I’m always looking for ways to cut costs without compromising on quality. And guess what? Chipboard flat mailers tick both boxes.

Why They Save You Money:

  • Lightweight Design: You’re not shelling out extra cash for heavy packaging.
  • Flat Rate Friendly: Their design often fits the criteria for flat rate shipping, which can be a significant cost saver.
  • Less Damage = Fewer Returns: With better protection, you’re likely to face fewer customer complaints and returns due to damaged goods.


One of the things I adore about these mailers is their adaptability. Sure, they’re perfect for documents, but their uses don’t stop there.

Other Uses Include:

  • Art Prints: For artists selling prints, these mailers are a godsend.
  • Certificates & Diplomas: Schools and institutions can ensure that their students receive their certificates in top-notch condition.
  • Magazines: No one likes a crumpled magazine. Chipboard mailers keep them looking fresh off the press.
  • Promotional Materials: Make a lasting impression by delivering your promotional materials in perfect shape.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Nowadays sustainability isn’t just a jargon but a necessity, making eco-conscious choices is vital. And here’s where chipboard flat mailers shine again.

Green Points to Consider:

  • Recyclable: Many chipboard mailers can be tossed into the recycle bin once they’ve served their purpose.
  • Less Waste: Their durability means fewer damaged items, leading to less waste.
  • Sustainable Materials: Many manufacturers are now sourcing their chipboards from sustainable forests, adding another feather to their eco-friendly cap.

If you’re in the business of shipping documents or any flat items, really, chipboard flat mailers are a no-brainer. They offer protection, affordability, and versatility, and they’re kind to Mother Earth.

Chipboard Flat Mailers vs. Poly Mailer Envelopes

Now, you might be thinking, “What about poly mailer envelopes?” Great question! While poly mailer envelopes are fantastic for certain items (like clothing or textiles), they don’t offer the same rigidity as chipboard flat mailers. 

So, for document delivery, chipboard is the way to go. However, if you’re shipping soft goods, poly mailers are a solid choice. You can check out some great options over at The Boxery.

Tips for Using Chipboard Flat Mailers

Label Clearly

Ensure your address labels are clear and legible. This will help prevent any delivery mishaps.

Seal Properly

Make sure to seal the mailer securely. A little extra tape can go a long way in ensuring your item stays safe throughout the trip.

Consider Customization

Many businesses are now customizing their chipboard flat mailers with branding. It’s a great way to make a memorable impression on your customers.

Closing Thoughts

The world of e-commerce and shipping is like a roller coaster – always changing, always thrilling. And in this wild ride, chipboard flat mailers are like that safety bar keeping everything in place. 

Especially for businesses juggling storage and shipping, these mailers are the unsung heroes for document delivery. Think about it: protection, affordability, adaptability, and a nod to our planet. So, the next time you’ve got some flat treasures to send out into the world, remember our trusty friend, the chipboard flat mailer. 

A Little About The Boxery

If you’re wondering where to get your hands on these fantastic mailers, look no further than The Boxery. They’re like the Swiss Army knife of the packaging world – they’ve got a tool for everything! Whether it’s chipboard flat mailers, poly mailer envelopes, or any other packaging magic, The Boxery is on it. Their dedication to superb quality and stellar customer service makes them the MVP for businesses big and small. Give ’em a try; you’ll see what I mean!

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