Which slots to play if I want to win more often?

Slots are unpredictable at the best of times, you can spin a slot a hundred times and never hit a bonus, or you can spin the reels ten times and hit three bonuses. This randomness of results is actually part of the appeal slots hold for gamblers. Go ahead and make a deposit to play slots today.

If you consider that gamblers are risk-takers and enjoy taking on the odds when they are stacked against them, then it becomes clear to see why slots are such popular gambling games. Even the high house edge of these games does not deter the public from playing them.

Are All Slots the Same?

All slots in essence, work on the same principles. Despite this, not all slots are the same and some games do actually pay out better than others and because of this, there are some slots that should be focused on if you want to win more often.

RTP and Slot Games

The RTP or Return to Player percentage is a complex calculation that is applied to slots. It gives players a percentage figure of the likelihood of winning on a particular slot game and surprisingly, the results vary from slot to slot. Knowing the RTP score of each slot helps players make an informed decision on what slots are best to play.  Some slot players are happy to go with the flow and play games that they find entertaining. But if you want to try and make some cash, then targeting high RTP score slots is a good starting point in your quest for making some spare money on the side. Slots with high RTP scores above 97% are best to play because there is potential to lose far less per pound you spend on such slots.

These slots are also sometimes described as having low volatility or being low variance.  Slots like these tend to pay out frequently, but the wins can be modest. High variance or highly volatile slots pay out less frequently, but the wins when they come, can be extremely substantial.

  • Not all slots play the same
  • High RTP slots are the best to play
  • Avoid slots that are highly volatile unless you have a large bankroll

Top Low Variance Slots

Some of the best slots to play in the high RTP low variance category include 1429 Uncharted Seas. This slot is set on the high seas and is famous for having one of the highest RTP scores in the business and it comes in with a score of 98.6%. Blood Suckers is a vampire themed game that isn’t far behind with an RTP of 98%. Despite these scores and the fact that both games are low variance, they both have entertaining bonus rounds and are enjoyable to play. Look out for Sherlock Holmes, Tomb Raider and The Mummy too, as they also contain high RTP scores.

Final Thoughts

If you want to win more often on slots the 1. Choose your games carefully by following the RTP scores. 2 These safer games are not any less entertaining. 3 These games offer more frequent smaller wins.

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