The best gambling books to improve your gambling skills

best gambling books

Top 15 Books To Help You Improve Your Gambling Skills

If you want to get to the heart of gambling and improve your gambling skills, you cannot do without quality literature. A true professional always reads a lot of books, because even though all gambling games are based on chance, gambling success depends a lot on theoretical knowledge and strategies. And books are able to open up to you behind the scenes of the gambling world.

Bringing Down The House

Author Ben Mezrich
Year of publication 2004

The book tells the true story of the most successful financial scam ever. A team of brilliant mathematicians and physicists, led by a professor, go to Las Vegas to make huge money at the blackjack tables. They manage to win a lot of money, but it is much more difficult to resist the power of big money and excitement…

The book will show you how to properly count cards in the casino and what pitfalls you may encounter.

Thinking in Bets

Author Annie Duke
Year of publication 2018

The book is written by a former World Series of Poker champion who will share her secrets of success and teach you how to make informed decisions at the card table. The main thesis of the book is that good decisions don’t always lead to success. Professional players should definitely embrace this to become less vulnerable to the uncertainties of gambling.


Author Simon Cooper
Year of publication 2018

This is a little-known but expert book from a professional bettor. It is based on real World Cup events. Based on the experience of his own mistakes, the author will talk about examples of real matches: the author tells how to make successful bets on sports.

A Man for All Markets

Author  Edward O. Thorp
Year of publication 2017

The book is written by a remarkable mathematician whose card-counting system forced casinos to rethink the rules of blackjack. Edward O. Thorp tells the true story of how he managed to beat the dealer, his motives, and the consequences of his success.

Your Worst Poker Enemy

Author Alan Schoonmaker
Year of publication 2007

Have you ever stayed at a poker table when you knew you weren’t going to win? That’ s a shame. In his book, Alan Schoonmaker tells you how to make the most of the cards you already have in your hand. The book will also help you identify and prevent the psychological mistakes every poker player faces when he gets his hands on bad cards.

Poker Math Made Easy

Author Roy Rounder
Year of publication 2006

The author wants to show that poker math is not rocket science. Anyone can do it. Roy Rounder’s work gives real examples of how to count cards in the blink of an eye. Reading the book will increase your poker IQ and make it easy to put even complex game strategies into practice.

The Insider’s Guide to Internet Gambling: Your Soursebook for Safe and Profitable Gambling

Author John G. Brokopp
Year of publication 2001

This is a famous book, which provides a brief and clear guide to gambling on the Internet. It will reduce the risks of gambling, teach you how to conduct a thorough analysis of casinos and pave the way to safe wealth. The book is an introductory theory for those who have already tried free slots with bonus and free spins and want to go to the money game at online casinos.

Gambling Online

Author Angus Dunnington
Year of publication 2005

The book is not huge, but it is full of important information, useful to both newcomers and experienced gamblers. It teaches the reader how the gambling business changed and what led to this global transformation.

The Grinder’s Manual: A Complete Course in Online No Limit Holdem

Author Peter Clarke
Year of publication 2016

Written by a respected card game trainer, this book is a fundamental primer on no-limit poker. It contains ready-made strategies and solutions that will dramatically affect the course of the game.

The Winner’s Guide to Casino Gambling

Author Edwin Silberstang
Year of publication 1997

This has long been recognized as the gambler’s “bible” and is the most comprehensive guide to successful gambling. The theory presented in the book covers all popular casino games – blackjack, poker, keno, roulette, baccarat, video poker, and more.

Squares and Sharps, Suckerd and Sharks

Author Joseph Buchdahl
Year of publication 2016

This work will be interesting to those who want to know the depths of gambling. The author explains from a psychological point of view why they are so attractive, while examining the theory of probability and uncertainty.

The Noble Hustle

Author Colson Whitehead
Year of publication 2015

The book is a mixture of first-rate journalism and literary narrative. Its author is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner who went from gambling novice to professional poker player in a matter of weeks. His work exposes the reader to poker culture and the behind-the-scenes of it, as well as providing a wealth of useful information on the game.

Gambling Theory and Other Topics

Author Mason Malmuth
Year of publication 2004

In gambling, the advantage is always on the side of the casino. And at the same time, there are many people who manage to make a great income from the game. How does it come out? This book was written in an effort to answer that question. It also carries information on what the bankroll, stakes, and style of gambling should be in order for gambling to really make money.

TOP1000 Casino Gambling Secrets

Author Bill Burton
Year of publication 2005

Gambling expert Bill Burton gathered all his knowledge and experience in his book. He tells the truth about popular casino games, shares his 10 betting theories and tells how to get the most out of the money invested in the game.

Beat The Dealer

Author Edward O. Thorp
Year of publication 1966

The fundamental book that changed the way players think about blackjack forever. It contains a description of the rules of the games, as well as many profitable strategies that will help you beat the dealer at the table.

Gambling books provide theoretical knowledge and practical advice that will allow you to close most gambling sessions with a win. But any theory is nothing without practice, so be sure to back up your knowledge by playing at SlotsUp, where all popular casino games are available for free.

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