NearbyMovers Review: Top-rated Piano Movers Near Me

piano movers near me

Suppose your move is particularly complicated and expensive, or you own a special property, such as a Piano. In that case, you should use a professional mover with the expertise to ensure all details of your move are attended to, especially your belongings.

Where to find the best piano movers near me? NearbyMovers is the solution for you!

NearbyMovers: Find Reliable Movers With Complete Services

NearbyMovers is the best and the most reliable platform for everyone looking to hire a moving company for their next move.

Relocating to a new address is a tough decision, and when the person is all alone, the need to hire support gives extra comfort and relaxation.

That’s why finding movers through NearbyMovers can not just release your stress but also allow you to compare price rates with other moving companies (all in one platform). The platform makes your relocating process easier and all tension free. You have to check for the available moving companies in your area, find the best price, check the services, and start packing your stuff.

NearbyMovers is a platform connected to different professional and trusted moving companies. These companies offer different services, depending on your needs. Most services provide the companies with loading everything into the truck, safely packaging, unloading, and unpacking.

What Is The Average Cost To Hire Piano Movers?

What Is The Average Cost To Hire Piano Movers

Moving a piano to a new address or state is one of the most difficult tasks for many moving companies. The most stressful part is calculating how to lift it because professional pianos have more than 10000 pounds. That’s why hiring a professional mover is all you need to consider before anything else.

However, NearbyMovers is here to help you. You could estimate your moving journey through the cost calculator easily. It will show you the exact amount your destination will take. For an average idea, the cost of a piano mover may be around $150 to $2000 or more, depending on the piano’s weight and size.

For most, the piano moving companies also consider defining the range of short or long-distance moving. The percentage of the cost exceeds when you hire a long-distance move. However, hiring a piano moving company that can provide all the needed services and can overcome different challenges is the best solution to keep your piano safe and securely delivered to the new place. Check here to learn more about piano movers near me on NearbyMovers now.

Is It Necessary To Book A Piano Mover?

Of course, booking a professional and trusted piano mover is necessary to safely transfer your piano without damaging any key or infrastructure. A mover helps to make the shifting process easier by taking care of everything, such as;

  • Stairs,
  • Access to the location,
  • Instrument size,
  • And other special considerations.

Safety is one of the most important reasons to hire piano movers to move your piano safely. Therefore, pianos are bulky and very heavy in size; the infrastructure is also very broad than other instruments.

However, when you hire piano movers, they know how to tackle heavyweights items and take precautions to completely remove the risk of instrument damage or any kind of personal injury to yourself.

Hiring special movers with NearbyMovers not just gives you a complete package but also allows you to check the reviews of the movers before hiring to save your time and effort. NearbyMovers are connected with special piano movers who are highly trusted.

How NearbyMovers Help In Finding The Top-Rated Piano Movers Near Me?

NearbyMovers is not a moving company. It is an open platform where people can find and hire a moving company after checking the reviews, comparing price lists, and negotiating the budget.

Finding a reliable and trusted moving company is one of the most necessary things to do before anything. And when you have big or heavyweight items like a piano or a decoration piece, hiring a special piano mover is all you need.

With NearbyMovers, you can find a list of piano moving companies; below are the steps which you need to follow when hiring:

  1. Enter your current location, zip code, state, or city name.
  2. Enter the location you are moving to, zip code, state, or city name.

When you submit the details, you will see the available movers, click any of them, check their reviews and services, and book your ride.

NearbyMovers makes hiring a moving company process super fast and simple!

What To Look For In The Piano Moving Companies?

Here are some points you need to look for in piano moving companies:

1.   Company’s experience

It’s best to know the experience of the company you are hiring. At NearbyMovers, you will find companies with every detail and year of experience. The most experienced company knows the value of your expensive and big items such as a piano.

2.   The type of insurance

Whenever you plan a move, you should hire a piano moving company with the appropriate insurance to cover your valuables. In that way, you will be saved from any damage (in case your piano gets damaged) you will get the price.

3.   Team and the equipment they are using

Physical strength is not enough to move heavy belongings like a piano or other furniture; heavyweight lifting equipment is also very important. When hiring a piano moving company, check if they have enough equipment to lift heavy-weighted items and furniture easily.

4.   Comfortable ride

So you are moving to a new place and don’t have your vehicle, right? In that case, hire a mover who can provide you full support and a comfortable sitting.

NearbyMovers: 24/7 Available Customer Support!

NearbyMovers is committed to providing the best customer support, available 24,7! The platform promises to find the best moving service for their customers who want to hire a piano moving company. Several licensed and insured movers have partnered with them and can provide excellent services.


When you are hiring a piano mover with NearbyMovers, make sure to check the services of the company. You can also get your moving estimate through the Nearbymovers Cost Calculator. Whether you need a short-distance mover or a long-distance one, they are here to help you immediately!

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