Insight into casino security

casino security

One thing that is impossible to argue against these days is the insane popularity of casino gambling, something that has been heightened even more in the 21st century by the crazy emergence of online casino and games such as online slots at

Before online casinos, however, all casino gambling had to take place in an actual land-based casino, and this is why places like Las Vegas or Macau have such unimaginably huge casino establishments in the present day.

Now, gambling in these mega casinos is a whole load of extreme fun, however what people can often forget about these impressive places is all the work that goes on behind the scenes. Obviously, there are a whole load of casino dealers, pit bosses, waiters and waitresses on show, but do you ever think about the casino security team? Their job is perhaps the most important; so let’s have an insight into casino security.

A history of casino security

The history of casino security is exactly incredibly interesting, mainly because it is also a great way to track the progress of technology too. For example, the first casino to ever be created was back in the 1600s, and this Venetian casino gambling establishment only had security in the fact that it employed security personnel to walk around the casino floor and make sure there was nothing shifty going on.

Since then the need for casino security has increased with casino gambling, and consequently casino cheating’s popularity, and so too has the technology used for casino security. Casino bosses devised more and more methods to help them keep track of would-be cheaters, and these days it seems they have pretty much made it impossible for serial casino cheaters.

Intense 21st century casino surveillance

One of the main reasons why casino cheaters have their work cut out these days is because most large casinos are heavily under surveillance, with concealed cameras pretty much everywhere you go. In fact, legend has it that in most of the Las Vegas super casinos the surveillance team could track you for the entire time of the stay, only losing sight of you as you enter your hotel room w88 ทางเข้า มือถือ.

Heavy surveillance is a source of controversy in everyday civilian life, and rightly so, however with casino surveillance things are a little different. Cheaters consistently blighted Las Vegas casinos back in the 20th century, so the necessitation for intense surveillance isn’t hard to understand.

Modern casino security technology

But casino security systems aren’t just about catching cheaters, especially in the 21st century where casino bosses have been able to turn their attention to a number of other things. With modern casino security, for example, casino bosses can use heat maps to detect where people are loitering – pretty high tech!

Casino security: The human touch

For all the new technology involved in 21st century casino security, you can’t forget about the essential people that keep it rolling. For example, casinos can have as many security cameras as they want, but if they don’t have a great team of employees studying the footage there would be no point!

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