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There is a growing interest in martial arts, and many people are enrolling in classes and training sessions in gyms. Unfortunately, gyms and training centres are not ideal for everyone. Some people need custom training routines, while others are okay training from home on their own. As a result, training practices are slowly shifting to living room spaces, backyards and garages. Therefore, it’s important to look into how one can practice martial arts from home and what are the best styles to learn.

How to Practice Martial Arts at Home

Home training for martial arts requires a lot of focus and preparation. Firstly, it’s essential to find a suitable place to train. Any open space around the house works well. Suitable training spaces include the yard and garage. If you are lucky to own a home gym, training will be more accessible in the space. Secondly, clear out furniture and other objects from your training area. You don’t want a hard kick to land on the edge of your sofa. Remember, your safety takes priority during training. Lastly, training is easier if you have the right equipment. Punching bags and boxing bars are great for practising strikes and ducks. Moreover, the wooden dummy is good for practising Chinese martial arts.

Best Martial Arts to Learn At Home

There are many martial arts styles, and each has its own complexities. While specific techniques are simple to learn at home, others are more challenging. Here are some styles that work well for home training.


Boxing training is an excellent style to learn from home. Although it’s great to have a sparring partner and a trainer, you can learn boxing on your own with a punching bag. The bag is great for practising punching with precision and strength. Moreover, you can work on your punching speed with a speed bag.

Aside from punching, boxing requires quick footwork and ducking manoeuvres. A punching bag can only help slightly with these techniques; however, a boxing bar will guarantee good practice. Training from home doesn’t put full limitations on spurring. You can still call in a sparring partner to your residence and work on a few techniques.

Tai Chi

The most well-known and widely used Kung Fu style is Tai Chi. It’s also a slow technique emphasising mindfulness, tenderness, and suppleness. Since no sparring is involved, Tai Chi is a wonderful choice for home training. The style places a heavy emphasis on self-practice and discipline. Therefore, if you have the space at your home, you can quickly master all the movements on your own. Nonetheless, online sessions are available to guide you along the training.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is one of the most effective self-defence tactics. The style has swift movements and emphasises precision and power. Unlike most martial art styles, Krav Maga relies heavily on self-practice. The fighting techniques are well defined, and practitioners can rehearse each approach to punches, kicks and defensive manoeuvres.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

MMA is one of the youngest styles in martial arts. It combines different techniques, and the training manoeuvres keep morphing due to individual customisations. As a result, MMA is a great style to learn from home.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

You can also perfect your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills from home. The style is quite simple to learn, and online coaching sessions are readily available and easily accessible.

Since everyone has adapted to working from home, training from home has also become popular for many martial arts enthusiasts. You can turn your house into a practice area, and it’s quite simple.

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