How to Not Look Like a Tourist in NYC

If you have not visited New York, you are missing out on a grand experience. The city is the most ethical and cultural global city in and the commercial and entertainment headquarters of the states.

It is a city that has become prosperous because of immigrants and tourism. Contrary to popular opinion that New Yorkers are naturally rude, they are usually in haste. Most do not mind assisting or giving directions but never expect them to take their time in explaining things to you. There are basics and simple rules to follow to help you navigate and experience New York City. You will not look like a tourist, and locals will not sneer at you.

Not for tourist guide to New York City

Fifth Avenue separates New York City between the east and west. If you want to meet somebody on West 24th Street, you have to be on Fifth Avenue’s left side. The numbering of the buildings begins at zero and ascends as you move out toward the rivers. It can be complicated due to two houses on 50th street that are similar numbers. You must be sure if you are moving to 23 EAST 50th Street or 23 WEST 50th Street. These are two entirely different places.

Uptown vs. Downtown

If you accustom yourself to which way is Uptown or Downtown, keep track of the numbers. Street numbers increase as you walk uptown and decrease as you walk downtown. Buildings on the north street are odd numbers, and on the south street, the side has even numbers.

East vs. West

Streets with even numbers run east, and streets with odd numbers run west. It means that if you are on 22nd street, the traffic is moving east. All avenues are listed east to west. Which means First Avenue is to the east and Eleventh Avenue is to the west.

ESTA Procedure

For tourists flying into the United States, you should know a handful of things. With the esta visa new york (Electronic System for Travel Authorization), nationals whose country is found under the United States Visa Waiver Program can enter without a visa. It permits you to remain on US soil for three months without a visa. The esta application can be made online. However, the form should be sent in at least three days to your flight.

After submitting the esta application, you are to check your esta application status to know if it has been accepted.

Adventures in Old New York

Riding the Subway

If you are riding in a subway and listening to music, make sure you use earphones not to annoy others. When you are standing, never lean on the poles because others have to hold onto the poles too. Be patient. Let others come down from the car before entering the car because the subway will not take off without you. When you enter the subway, move inside. Do not obstruct others from entering.

Empty Subway Cars

As a newcomer to New York City, you should never get on an unoccupied subway car when all the other subway cars are full. The subway car is unoccupied for a reason.

Right vs. left side of escalators

This is among the reasons most visitors get criticized. The escalator’s left side is secluded for walking, while the right is for the escalator is set for standing. When you are communicating with somebody, never stand next to each other. You are to stand in a line. However, if you have luggage, never put it next to you; put it in front of you. People in a hurry may run up the left side, and they will be angry if you prevent them.

Spontaneous NYC

Hailing A Taxi Like A Champion 

Cab Lights

There is a number that lights up on the roof of every cab. If all light is on, it signifies that the cab is vacant. And if the light is off, it means the cab is occupied; therefore, if you see a cab coming with lights off no need to wave.

Never tell a cab where you are heading until you are inside. This may appear foolish, but once you are in a cab, they will not tell you to come down. For instance, if you are heading to Queens, Brooklyn, or the Bronx, the driver may not want to take you. So never tell him until you are inside.

Colours of cabs

The yellow cabs can pick you up at any point, while the green cabs will only pick you up in outer boroughs; however, the driver may drop you off in Manhattan. Black cabs can’t pick people on the street, but you get lucky, bargain the fare first.

Times to give up

It is highly impossible to hail a cab at rush hour or on a rainy day. When it is around 4:00 pm, there is a shift change; therefore, many cabs will not be on the road at this time.

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