How many new slots are made per month?

When you are roaming around casino sites such as Wizard Slots., you can get to see a lot of newly released slots every day. In recent years, the slots are more popular than ever been before. The demand for new slots is rising day by day and the slot providers are not staying put right now.

Slots with new features are introduced in each release and believe it you are going to lose count of it. 50 to 60 new slots are released every month on the online casino platforms; so, we are here to give you a clear idea about how many slots are getting launched every month.

Slots from the Top providers

Among the casino game providers, some production houses deliver slots of the highest quality and features that win the heart of a big crowd in the online casino platform. Game developers like NetEnt, Play n’ Go, Microgaming, Yggdrasil, and Red Tiger are on the top chart with their amazing released slots. The production rate of these developer companies is unbelievable. Every month at least 2 or 3 slots are getting announced to be released and it gets hyped up as the players wait for them ligaz11.

New Released Slots

Even without coming from the top game provider companies, some newly released slots become the hotshot. As there are many game providers out there, the newly released slots are pretty unpredictable for the players. For their unexpected releases on the casino sites, the players get interested in them for their new highlighting features. Newly released slots can come out as a solo version of that theme, there can be no sequel.

Slots from the Previous Sequel

In every month you are sure to be encountering the newly released slots of their previous sequels. The reason behind this is mainly the popularity and success of the previous slot. It also is released as the updated version of the previous one along with a new different kind of feature. Slots like Rainbow Riches, Age of Gods, Buffalo, Wheel of Fortune, and many more have many sequels of their original game. The player also never gets tired of this and their popularity continues.

Trending Slots in the Top Chart

As there are a lot of slots getting released every month, it is not obvious for all of them to be hit. Some of these new slots make it to the top charts and highlights their name. The success of slots depends on its attribute like themes, gameplay, graphic design, new features and payout rate, etc. In every casino, you can see this trending chart where most played slots are highlighted. You can hope to see this type of slot in next month also or maybe even their next editions!

New Released Slot of Different Categories

Every month many slots are released in different categories according to their types, themes, and layout. Like there are jackpot slots, video slots, classic style slots, and even the fruit machine themed slots that must be released every month. If you are a jackpot slot lover, you can check out the slot catalog and go to their jackpot slot category for checking out the newly released jackpot slots.

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