How Event Ticketing Software Keeps Secondary Tickets In-House

event ticketing software platform enhancing fan experience

With the rise of online ticketing and event management software, staying on top of secondary tickets has become far more efficient. Event organizers now have better control over who can access their events and a way to recognize when tickets are being resold for profit.

Secondary ticketing by Lyte

As an event ticketing software platform enhancing fan experience, Lyte introduces a unique solution to tackle the problem of unauthorized ticket resales.

They do this by offering their customers the ability to list tickets they can no longer use on their own platform at a custom value, with verified fan identification and an integrated payment system.

So, how does ticketing software keep secondary tickets in-house?

Here are the main ways:

1. By allowing organizers to continue sales even after sell-outs

A platform like Lyte allows event organizers to keep selling tickets even after a sell-out by offering an in-house marketplace for fans to buy and sell their tickets. This allows organizers to keep control over the secondary market and avoid lost sales due to ticket scalping.

2. By increasing transparency

By using the Lyte platform, organizers can manage who is attending their events and ensure tickets are only sold to verified fans. This helps keep the secondary market in check, as it becomes more difficult for scalpers to buy and resell tickets.

As if that’s not enough, Lyte also provides customers with detailed reports and analytics of who purchased their tickets, meaning they can rest assured that the correct fans are attending their events.

3. By creating a safe environment

The Lyte platform provides a safe environment for fans to buy and sell their tickets. Fans are able to customize pricing and select buyers of their tickets, helping them to avoid scams. Lyte also provides a secure payment system and customer support, ensuring that both buyers and sellers are protected at all times.

4. By keeping profits in-house

When ticket scalpers buy tickets in bulk and resell them for a profit, event organizers don’t get any of the revenue from those sales. By using ticketing software like Lyte, it’s easier to ensure that any profits from secondary ticketing remain in-house.

With the right setting, the profits will benefit the right parties while ensuring that the secondary ticket sales are genuine.

5. By giving greater control to organizers

Some event ticketing software solutions allow organizers to have more control over their secondary tickets. They can set caps on the number of tickets each individual can purchase and also choose who can list their tickets on the platform.

All of this helps to ensure that the secondary market remains within their control and is used only by genuine fans.

6. By offering secure ticket delivery

Finally, event organizers can rely on ticketing software to help them securely deliver secondary tickets. Tickets are, in the majority of cases, sent directly from the platform to the buyer’s email, meaning organizers can be sure that tickets are only going to the correct buyers.

To conclude,

Modern ticketing software platforms like Lyte are revolutionizing the way fans purchase and resell their tickets.

From increased transparency and safety to greater control for event organizers, ticketing software is making sure that the secondary market remains in-house and under control.

With these measures in place, event organizers can be sure that their event ticketing process goes as smoothly as possible.

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