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Have you ever found the perfect watch collection for you, or are you still looking for the definitive collection of watches that will complete your group of clocks? Have you ever heard of Rolex? Are watches so luxurious and eye-catching? Whenever you hear Rolex, you know it will automatically associate with luxury and elegance.

There are many collections this luxurious brand has. Still, there is a collection they have standing out; like Rolex GMT, this collection is one of the best groups this luxury brand has. Let us look at this collection’s brief history before taking a look at the top watches from this particular collection.

Rolex GMT history

Have you ever heard of the Rolex GMT-Master timepieces? We all know Rolex is designing clocks that are for extraordinary occasions and for the people that are also special. But this particular collection is one of the most eye-catching groups they have. This collection was initially designed in partnership with Pan Am Airways.

The Rolex GMT-Master is first made for the Pan Am, and they give to their crews with long-haul flights. One of the features this watch offers is that it can have two kinds of time zone simultaneously. The Rolex GMT-Master’s original design comes with a fourth hand that can display the time zone in a standard twelve-hour.

This collection hand lets the users set their timepiece into Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), or they can change it into any other time zone they want for their main hour view. They can also set the bezel that is 24-hour and rotatable to their next time zone or the second time zone. The GMT comes from the name Greenwich Mean Time.

The first-ever Rolex GMT-Master Reference 6542

The first-ever Rolex GMT-Master is known to be the Reference 6542. It is in a gold version. They started producing this particular model from 1954-1959. It was the first watch model they offered the Pan America. The watch is made up of stainless steel with a 38mm Oyster case; It is also known to be water-resistant up to 50 meters.

The Rolex GMT-Master Reference 6542 comes with a black dial housed, paired with luminous Mercedes kind center hands for the hour. Minutes the second’s hands are sweeping and come with an illuminated dot, and lastly, it also comes with a 24-hour hand that is color red and luminous with a tip shaped in a triangle.

This model also comes with a round baton that is also luminous, and its indexes are also triangular. The acrylic crystal is protecting its dials. It also comes with a protruding cyclops lens so users can magnify its date window. The company stopped producing the Rolex GMT-Master Reference 6542 in 1959.

The next set of Rolex GMT is the Rolex GMT-Master Reference 1675

People knew this particular model to replace the first Rolex GMT-Master model. This model was first introduced to the public in 1959. It used the Caliber 1565 until late 1964. It was then replaced by the Caliber 1575. This model comes with a 40 mm diameter Oyster case and includes a crown guard in its winding crown. A much more robust GMT-Master.

In the early styles of the Rolex GMT-MAster Reference 1675, its crown guard is pointed in its shape, but they are now replaced with straight. The Caliber 1565 is known to power these timepieces with close dates. It specifically means that this watch’s date will automatically change into the next day at midnight instead of turning in slow motion.

The Caliber 1565 is also known to operate in 18,800bph. After the Caliber 1565, they now replace it with higher specification Caliber 1575 its frequency is at 19600bph. In 1971, the Rolex improved the Caliber 1575 with a hacking style, which means that they made the seconds hand stop entirely when the winding crown of this model is pulled out.

Rolex GMT-Master Reference 16750 The later model of the GMT

The Rolex GMT-MAster Reference 16750 was first introduced in 1981. Although the Oyster case they use for their GMT models remains still, this model was upgraded and doubled its water-resistance into 100 meters. One of this model’s critical features is that it now comes with an automatic movement located inside the case.

The Caliber 3075 used in this model has a frequency of 28,800bph; it is also known to introduce the fastest date, meaning the users of this model can now adjust its date differently without turning the center hand. This particular model was a short run in the year 1988.


More Rolex GMT-Master models are available in the market, but this top GMT selection we have introduced to you is just some of the oldest GMT they have. Now they indeed have more GMT-Master models that are much better and more appealing to the user’s eyes.

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