Expand Your Small Living Space With These Fail-Proof Tips

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If you are unable to afford a large accommodation, make your tiny living space look larger.

If you had to make a choice, you’d probably choose a bungalow over a cramped room in one of those hostels in delhi. But then you might not be ready to pay the utility bills associated with living in a large house. So yes, living in a small accommodation indeed has amazing benefits. But to fit all your needs in a small space, you need to be extremely smart.

Perhaps your room is too small to fit a bed, and it’s not even big enough for an extra chair. And perhaps you also don’t have enough space for your shoe closet. No matter what your problem may be, you are at the right place. This article will help you treat your own small home or rental space in such a way that it feels spacious in every imaginable way.

It is well-known that painting a room with light colors can visually expand it. It, however, doesn’t mean that you will have to stick with 50 shades of white. You can choose from a wide range of beautiful pastels, sea shades, and citrus hues to make your room look brighter. You should choose the most light-colored version of your chosen color to create the illusion of space.

  • Place large mirrors strategically

You should order large mirrors for your home if you want to instantly make it seem larger. A life size mirror is a great option for dark apartments. Interior design experts say that mirrors can be added to any space and placed in the most natural spots (spots where they will reflect natural light).

  • You can also add artificial lights

Natural light is the best, but the darkness takes over after 12 hours each day. Your ‘visual enlargement strategy’ should include some artificial lighting too. Ceiling lighting alone is not enough—it will almost always make corners darker and the space appear smaller. You can add built-in spotlights to the ceiling. This is a smart idea. They will not only illuminate the corners but will also make a low ceiling appear higher. It’s hard to imagine anyone not wanting to kill two birds with the same stone.

  • You can replace your old furniture with multifunctional, built-in furniture

Although it’s an obvious solution, it’s often overlooked. Although replacing furniture can be costly and time-consuming due to its complexity, the benefits are enormous. It might not be possible to ensure that every piece of furniture you buy has additional built-in space, or other functions. But whenever possible, consider having multipurpose furniture. It’s not a bad idea to swap your regular sofa for one with hidden storage. Consider folding or extendable items for your main pieces of furniture like dining and kitchen tables. These will allow you to make the table larger when guests are present, but also fold it down to make it more compact for daily use.

  • All rooms should have the same type of flooring

Different flooring styles can be great for defining spaces but they also make the space feel smaller. If you have the same flooring throughout your apartment, it creates an interconnected flow that makes every room seem larger. Also, you should make sure that your rugs are not placed under large furniture pieces or sofas. This could cause your space to become tighter.

  • Do not be afraid to use shelves

If they are placed correctly, shelves can add height and scale to your space. And that is what most people want. You can store a lot of additional items on shelves. Combine open and closed shelves—sticking to one format in your room will make it look messy (open racks), or take up too much space (closed shelving). You can also leave some open shelves unoccupied. While they are meant to provide additional storage, this doesn’t mean that you should fill your home with even things you don’t need.

  • Try your hand at drawing

You might be a person who prefers the risky over the safe, and if so, it’s time for you to experiment with colors. You might consider painting stripes on one wall and treat it as an accent wall. You can choose between horizontal or vertical lines—both look great! Vertical stripes will visually increase the size of your wall while horizontal ones will make it appear longer. Decide what you prefer in your case, and then go for it.

Whether you live in a student hostel in delhi or your own beautiful home in Bangalore, cramped spaces can negatively impact the quality of life. Thankfully, there are hundreds of ways you can expand your living space, some of which have been dished out above. So, why wait? Try out the tips and make living better even in a tiny home.

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