Emporio Armani: An Opulence Of Modern And Classic Styled Watches

The luxury of style is a distinct mark for Emporio Armani watches because their collections take inspiration from the Armani line’s grandeur fashion. This luxury brand takes pride in its renowned collections worn by celebrities like Rihanna, Megan Fox, and David Beckham. It will surely be an impressive watch to wear.

These timepieces from Emporio Armani carry stylish elegance and boast their modern feature. It is a complete mix of classic for the old soul and modernity for the young of heart. The objective is to highlight the trend but retain the classic feel. Let us discover their different types of well-loved collections that befriend the luxury of modern and traditional style.

Smart Hybrid Watch

As modern technology continues to innovate, the Emporio Armani brand also keeps up. This collection of watches gets compatible with techy innovation because it is hybrid and intelligent. It is a portable technology in your wrist that gets compatible with IOS and android phones. Plus, it can sync wirelessly to any device.

This timepiece is the perfection of accuracy in style. It contains an automatic feature that converts time zones and dates by itself. This technological beauty allows its wearer to access notifications directly with a smartphone. The additional techy features include a lithium-ion battery, music control, and 100 feet water resistance.

The design of this timepiece is a must-see because it has silver indexes combined in a blue dial. It has an attractive metal case. The black strap leather makes this timepiece classy. Then the stainless steel material is a lovely character. This watch maintains durability with 13mm thickness and 43mm diameter size.

Classic Three-Hand Watch

This timepiece made especially for men is the epitome of black beauty. It is a timeless classic that signifies beauty in simplicity. This analog type of watch captures the heart of an old traditional vibe. It comes in a round shape, and the dial of black illuminates.

A renowned watch fit for dress contains hand markers in the shape of a sword that looks stylish. The stainless steel with black strap speaks the ultimate luxury. It includes features like 165 feet water-resistant and a durable grip of 43mm. This timepiece is a flawless blend of modern and classic.

Silver Dress Watch

If you want an impact on the first impression, then this timepiece is the best choice. It is stylish in silver that defines magnificence. A man wearing this watch will be impressive and attractive. Then the chronograph feature makes it a compatible partner for any professional work. It is ideally reliable.

The design and feature of this timepiece offer quality. It has a case made of stainless steel, and the dial of black consists of a window for date viewing. There is comfortable wear with the bracelet made in stainless steel. Then the movement of quartz makes a dependable time tracking.  Plus water resistant at 165 feet.

White Dial Sportivo

This timepiece is created elegantly to meet the desires of women. It is made of a beautiful rose gold case and a white silicone bracelet. The dial made of silver consists of hands that illuminate. It is one of its unique features that have this hand glow in the dark. The slim fit of 38mm makes this timepiece embrace the love of femininity.

This timepiece prides itself on excellence, like 165 feet water resistance and interval of numerals of 5 minutes. This watch gives precision and strength as it weighs 14 ounces. Indeed this timepiece not only meets the demand for a stylish look but also puts functionality as a top priority.

Silver Retro Watch

The timepiece signifies elegance which in turn makes it the best pair for elegant ladies. It has thinner and smaller sizes to meet the slim feminine measure of a woman. This timepiece beholds grace which makes it the best watch to wear for formal occasions. A lady wearing this watch will shine like a star.

This timepiece contains the beauty of white pearl and stainless steel. The simplicity of its design highlights the logo of Armani and weighs 2.5 ounces that add comfort. Plus, the minimalist design echoes the class of simplicity.


The Emporio Armani watches aim to project the best of luxury. Their collections are versatile to meet the old classic feel but at the same time to keep up with the newest trend in modern technology. These timepieces are indeed a complete package. Take your pick now and let Emporio Armani watches give you the best ride to opulence.

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