Celebrities that Love Playing bingo

Celebrities are often hounded by fans and paparazzi, making it particularly difficult to enjoy the simple things in life – klikk her. There is nothing simpler than a game of bingo and the following celebrities prove that even the most famous can still enjoy the simple things in life.

Russell Crowe

Blockbuster Hollywood A list actor Russell Crowe is probably best known for his performances in Gladiator and the Academy Award winning A Beautiful Mind but you may be surprised to find out that he initially started out on a completely different career path. When he was young, Russell Crowe worked as a bingo caller in his native Australia! While this may come as a surprise, what you won’t be shocked to find out is that Russell Crowe was fired from his job for calling out rude and obscene bingo numbers. Today, Russell Crowe still enjoys taking trips to local bingo halls as he has settled down in Wales!

Mick Jagger

Known just as much for his wild antics off of the stage as well as on it, the lead singer of rock and roll band the Rolling Stones may not strike you as someone who is a keen bingo player and yet Mick Jagger is well known to be a bingo enthusiast. Mick Jagger allegedly throws lavish bingo nights at his private residence, inviting friends and neighbours alike. If bingo is good enough for a rock and roll star who has been to some of the most lavish parties ever held then it’s good enough for us!


Another surprising bingo fan, while U2 never reached the heights of fame that the Rolling Stones achieved, the Irish band are still incredibly well known around the world. Bono is the sometime controversial lead singer of the group, while he certainly has some unique interests his love of bingo is something which has continued to persist. Bono even invested and part owned a cafe which held bingo nights on the days which it wasn’t serving any food. Being a rock star, Bono would even bring along famous supermodels to these special bingo nights!

Sharon Osbourne

Known for being the manager and long suffering wife of Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne, it may be a little startling to know that the former X factor judge is actually a huge fan of bingo. Sharon Osbourne’s love of bingo is well known, she is often photographed enjoying games of bingo with her friends as well as hosting her own bingo nights. What you may not know is that Sharon Osbounrne’s own knowledge of bingo led to her creating her own bingo website, which allowed her to give tips and discuss bingo strategies with other bingo enthusiasts. Ultimately, her love of bingo culminated in her receiving a lucrative sponsorship deal from Gala Bingo worth a staggering two million pounds!


Next time you go down to your local bingo hall, make sure to take a look around the crowd! You never know who you might see! The best thing about bingo is that it doesn’t matter if you are famous, when the numbers are being called you are just another player.

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