Can I Be Sure That Slots Sites Are Fair?

When people bet they expect integrity in return from the gambling industry. This means transparency and fairness and this can apply to sports like horseracing right through to online slot sites. What this basically means is that when people join a licensed gambling brand, they expect to be treated fairly and if applicable, be able to play games such as Thunder Reels Slot and bet on sports that have not been fixed in any way. 

The Advent Of Online Gambling 

Online gambling really took off in 1996 and it was a victim of its own success. In fact, things expanded so fast, that the industry needed to urgently be regulated. This was mostly for the punter’s benefit because casinos would have to follow rules instead of make them. There were and still are major disputes between customers and gambling sites, but ever since the introduction of regulators and third party organizations such as IBAS, more and more punters are experiencing satisfactory solutions to their disputes UFABET

The UK Gambling Commission 

A great example of a successful regulator is the UK Gambling Commission. This was set up to prevent casinos from treating customers unfairly but it was also introduced to license and regulate all forms of gambling in the UK. 

With slots being the number one gambling draw for punters, to be sure that the slots sites you play at are fair, you have to place a lot of trust in the casino brand and even more into such regulators of the industry. 

New Rules 

The UK Gambling Commission set out rules and regulations that were previously absent from the industry, with the hope that they would help make players feel more secure about the gambling industry in general. 

However, there are many punters out there that still think these regulators do not ensure the integrity of the industry. Despite this, it is clear to see that they have done a lot to protect punters from dishonest practices such as game fixing and non-payments of winnings. All slots sites have their games regularly tested for fairness by the commission and other third parties. Slots still give the house a natural edge over punters, but fair and random spins should not increase this further. 

If you are worried about non-payments of winnings, then a fair casino should give you a good reason why they are not paying out. Then they should give you an option to approach the professional body that gave them a gambling license in the first place. If they cannot help, then they should pass your case on to an organization that can. 

Final Thoughts 

You can never be one hundred percent sure that a slot site you play at is fair. If you trust the gambling brand and the licensing and regulating bodies within the industry, then you are halfway there. 

Another great debate is that involving the RNG or Random Number Generator. Some punters question whether the microchips can be manipulated and whether the results are truly random. If none of these are considered to be issues to you, then you can be comfortable knowing that as long as you have chosen a licensed and regulated gambling brand, then you have a fair shot at winning.

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