Betting on the draw in soccer

In football matches, draws are not so rare so as not to bet on them. If you look at the line for the matches of a championship, you will notice that the odds for a draw outcome are often higher than 3.5. It is among these rates that there are always many valuable positions.

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Choosing teams to bet on the draw

Before betting on a draw in football, there is one thing to learn well. The bettor should always find a valuable event based on the statistics of past matches. Having received data on the number of teams’ draw matches, we determine the chances of a draw between them in the upcoming match. We convert the chances as a percentage into an odd and compare it with the odds of the bookmaker. If it is lower, then you can bet.

Let’s take La Liga as an example. In Spain, we were interested in such clubs as Villarreal, Levante, Celta, Valladolid. For example, Villarreal has 13 draws in 27 matches. For other mentioned teams, more than 30% of the matches also ended in draws.

If we look at the odds of bookmakers for draws in the matches of these teams, we will see that they vary from 2.8 to 3.3. The same methodology is used to determine promising teams for bets on a draw in other championships.

Choosing championships to bet on the draw

Bettors are well aware of the fact that there are top and bottom championships in terms of goals. Low-performing championships are best suited for betting on a draw. First of all, we are talking about the Greek, Italian and Portuguese leagues.

If we talk about Greece, then the top division is suitable. Here, teams often play 0-0 and 1-1. The specificity of the Greek championship lies in the fact that here average performers with low scoring often play with each other in a draw. Therefore, when analyzing rates, we always focus on such teams.

Draw bets are beneficial in cases where there is rainfall on the day of the game and the field is not in very good condition. In this case, goals are scored with great difficulty. Even in the successful Dutch championship, this is very noticeable. Especially in snowy weather, performance drops.

Draws happen more often in early spring when teams play on not very good pitches. Also, teams play in a draw when it suits them.

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