Why safe playground are necessary for ones kids:



Playground flooring what it should contain or what hacks it controls. Before all these things it is important to see if flooring can absorb shocks.  That indicates that the dirt, gravel and asphalt are out.

Height ratings at playground:

Fall height is a place in the playground where a child can stand safely.  If one asked to design playground flooring at 4 so it indicates that if a child falls from 4 would be safe from serious injury.

But if we consider it as residential height it is a very aggressive fall. As it is about falling on solid concrete floor instead of designed playground floor. 

Shock absorber:  

Thick flooring systems are designed to keep the children safe and sound from fall height. The flooring is good and shock absorber.

These qualities of fall height are indicated by the thickness of tiles. The thicker in size tiles are used for the fall height as equipment for the playground. Because the safety of people is considered first and is more important.

Testing for fall height:

Fall height is determined by testing the shock absorbency of the flooring. Manufacturers perform tests that replicate a child falling from colourful heights to determine a height that a child can fall from without passing a serious injury. This helps the playground proprietor brace the stylish outfit with the right flooring to produce the safest terrain.

Historically, the test has been done by dropping a ball form representing the head of a child onto the centre point of a bottom pipe. Still, the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association( IPEMA) lately changed the testing procedure so that the ball form is now dropped on the edge of the pipe, the weakest point of the product.

“ Tests performed on the middle part of the pipe showed advanced fall height conditions because that section has the most retardation and shock immersion characteristics, ” Barber said. “ When you drop the ball form on the corner, where the penstocks come together, the result is different. ”

Playground flooring manufacturers must perform six tests and can only list the smallest fall height standing entered. Some tests for a product may see a 6 ’ or indeed 8 ’ effect, but if any test entered a 4 ’ that’s the number that must be reported.

This is why a number of playground flooring products have seen a drop in fall height conditions. The important thing that you need to know as the consumer is that nothing has changed about the way the pipe has been made, only the testing procedure for determining fall height standing has changed.

Playground flooring tiles:

Playground penstocks are the simple, easy, no fuss playground material. Rubber playground penstocks are durable and stay in place so you wo not have to worry about the consistency changing the way it can with playground mulch. Durable, flexible rubber makes an excellent smooth face that’s sturdy enough for running and playing but gentle enough to be 안전놀이터  for cascade.


Playground flooring is felt necessary because it helps to deal with the safety of players.  It reduces the cases of injuries that are recorded every year in huge amounts.

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