What is SMS marketing and how does it work?

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is a method that is used by different organizations and businesses to send different coupons, special offers, promotions, and different alerts to their targeted audience. The maximum word limit of these messages is 160.

What is the purpose of SMS marketing? 

The basic purpose of SMS marketing is to make people aware of their different coupons, special offers, promotions, and other alerts, etc. SMS is one of the effective ways to target a large community of customers, you can easily do multi-channel marketing.

SMS marketing—an effective campaign:

If you want to make your business more successful and effective then you should go for SMS marketing platforms. People have a wrong misconception about SMS marketing, they think it’s too difficult to implement it. They think it would take them a heavy amount of money to invest in and to make it work. Different researches have been done on mobile use and they showed people use mobile phones 160 times in a day. That’s why SMS marketing is too strong for gaining customer’s attention. Other researches also proved people like to see their mobile phones even before getting out of their bed.

Other digital channels VS SMS marketing:

There are many different channels to do marketing like Facebook, banner ads, emails, Google Adwords, etc. But researches have proved mobile phone text messages/SMS are one of the best channels to get a high-targeted receptive audience. As mobile phone is a device that people carry all the time, so they seek information by looking at their mobile phones. Mobile phone is a great source to get updates all the time.

How does it work?

Following are the steps to do an SMS campaign.

  • First, create an SMS campaign.
  • Write the text which you want to convey.
  • Choose the recipients.
  • Lastly, launch the SMS campaign.

You can also hire some professionals to help you in launching an SMS campaign.

Why choose SMS marketing?

Many factors make SMS marketing unique among other types of marketing. You would not be able to find any kind of weak points in this type of campaign.

Provides a global reach

By implementing SMS marketing, you can easily connect to a vast community. You get an amazing opportunity to connect and engage a large audience. So in this way you get a global reach through SMS marketing.

More interaction

As different types of researches have proved that people use mobile phones more than 80 times a day, so in this way you can get higher engagement rates with the audience.

SMS can be used for different opportunities

 SMS marketing can be used for different opportunities like you get a wide opportunity to send different alerts, notifications, reminders, password confirmation, news and product information, etc.

Instant connection

It takes less than 5 seconds to send the message, speed efficiency is the plus point of SMS marketing.

No special skill required

SMS marketing does not require special skills, you can easily do it. it takes less than 5 minutes to generate an SMS for a marketing campaign.

Easily understandable

Unlike emails and broachers, SMS are easy to read and understand. As the language used in the text is simple and easy. People can easily understand the purpose of the text and act accordingly. For instance, if you are selling something on your page then you may make an immediate purchase.

Cost-effective campaign

SMS marketing does not require you to invest a heavy amount of money, you can easily implement the SMS campaign through a minimum budget.

Create an intimate relationship with customers

An easy way to create an intimate relationship with customers is to send text message reminders to your customers. This way you will witness more response rate on your website. If you are a lawyer, doctor, and restaurant owner, you can send an SMS of appointment in which your customer is supposed to reply their availability.

Time-sensitive campaign

You can alert a lot of audience by just a few clicks and the same text to all of your targeted audience at the same time. So in short SMS marketing does not require a lot of time, it can be done within few seconds.

How much SMS marketing can costs?

Various factors influence the SMS marketing cost.

  • Location
  • Channel
  • Sender’s name


Location means in which area you want to send a message. Whether you send a message within the city, out of the city, or out of the country, etc. So the price will vary from area to area.


Another factor is the channel which means do you want to send an SMS to your native country or foreign. This type of SMS marketing is known as a national or international channel.

Sender’s name

It is mandatory to register the sender’s name.

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