Urban Storage review: Pros & Cons of Utilizing Their Services

Urban Storage

Renting a self-storage unit makes it much simpler to maintain a clean, tidy house. You can store your less-used personal stuff here, such as furniture, seasonal items, hobby equipment, and large objects that take up a lot of space in your home.

Self-storage facilities are those that rent out space on a month-to-month basis. The tenant is the only person with access to his unit and is responsible for applying his lock, which you should have sold him from your retail sales inventory. Essentially, they don’t want to take care of, control, or have custody of the customer’s products and create a bailment.

Although many other kinds of buildings have been transformed from warehouses, auto dealerships, and other previous uses, the most typical kinds of facilities were created especially for the purpose of storing a customer’s goods.

Whether you’re planning to move, remodel, downsize, or just clear your house, renting a storage container is a terrific option. Urban can handle all of your storage issues! Check out the location of Urban Self Storage by simply looking at the pictures and facilities.

About Urban Self Storage:

Urban Self Storage, Inc. began with one storage facility in 1987 and has now expanded to 75 sites throughout Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, and Arizona. The members at Urban are proud of their great service to the consumers.

Urban Self Storage is the best self-storage company in USA. Customers are the top priority, and Urban self-storage will go to any length to gain profit in your business. They recognize the competitive nature of the market today, so Urban provides the following extra benefits to Urban Self Storage customers:

  • Modern security features such as motion sensors and video surveillance.
  • On-site managers that are knowledgeable and friendly
  • Moving and packing items are available for purchase in a single location.
  • Storage units of various sizes are available.
  • Heated heaters are offered to assist keep dampness at bay.
  • Excellent moving materials to make your relocation easier.
  • Senior and military discounts are available.
  • More on truck rentals!

Pros & Cons of Utilizing Urban Self Storage Services:


You should be aware of the benefits self-storage facilities provide in order to decide whether renting one is worthwhile:

24-hour availability:

Urban self-storage units in Phoenix give their customers a key that allows them to access their self-storage unit at any time.

Urban storage unit businesses will only allow entry during business hours for security concerns. If you can find a firm that allows 24-hour unit access, having the option to get to your items in a pinch can be a huge benefit.

A Number of sizes are available:

Little but formidable storage space! These walk-in closet-like, 5 × 5 ft. areas are perfect for storing seasonal items, small furnishings, and debris from home. Urban self-storage units in the USA come in a wide range of sizes, from modest to massive. Whether you want anything the size of a walk-in closet (5′ x 5′) or something that can hold everything from your 7-bedroom house (10′ x 30′), you can get it here.

Extra Space

The apparent advantage is having a place to keep your belongings if you wish to free up room at home. Urban self-storage units in Phoenix can also be a great asset during big life transitions such as major renovations, moving, retirement, and divorce.

Dependability –

Another advantage of renting a unit in a facility is the security and accessibility. When storing your items at a friend’s or family member’s home, you have more control over the storage environment. You may arrange it whatever you want and even add shelves for improved space utilization.


You can get to your personal belongings whenever you want without invading the privacy of others, as you would if you handed them to a buddy. You can go check them out whenever you want as long as you are renting the place. Consider it an addition to your garage.


Despite the numerous benefits that self-storage units may provide homes and companies, they are not without drawbacks. Here are a few examples:

Cost –

Great convenience comes at a high price. This can add to your financial load. Because the bills at the end of the month might be fairly burdensome, Urban renting a space is not ideal.

Distance –

Transporting your belongings might also be a challenge. If you are transferring significant furniture to your rented area, you need to acquire a large enough vehicle or hire a mover to do it for you.

Security –

Even if Urban self-storage units in Phoenix are thought to be secure, the nature of these facilities can make them a target for robbers. This is why Urban storage tenants must ensure that the facility they are renting from has strict security measures in place to keep their belongings safe.


In the United States, there are thousands of low-cost top self-storage companies. If your house or office might benefit from an extra room or free space, but you want or need to keep your stuff, renting a storage container is a good investment.

If you are in the midst of a change, self-storage in the United States can relieve you of the strain of keeping your belongings safe.Furthermore, the terms are flexible; you can plan your budget ahead of time and look for a provider who can meet it.

If you live in the United States, you can rely on Urban self-storage units in Phoenix for safe and affordable storage. The largest self-storage company in US offers specials to assist their clients in saving money on their storage contracts.

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