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The use of smartphones is becoming popular in this era. People are finding it convenient to use them in virtually all aspects of their lives. They are used to retrieve information from email, review social media updates, and engage in online commerce.

But, using smartphones in class is a tremendous technological advance that has been made in education. Students use this gadget to find academic information, register for courses, and submit their assignments.

Jory Hunga, business development manager at iPaydayLoans stated that there’s no denying that technology is changing the face of education. Personal digital devices like laptops and tablets have unavoidably found their way from student’s homes to their classroom. Using phones in school is also allowed on some campuses.

Furthermore, these technological tools have made it possible for students to connect. The reason is that they enable them to register WhatsApp groups, where they share educational information. The sharing of these materials contributes to the success of pupils.

A recent report with the growing latest technology, in New York City Schools caused so much outrage that several parents issued a lawsuit against the Department of Education, claiming that cell phones provide a vital channel for communication between parent and child, especially in case of emergency. Eventually, the ban was dropped.

In this regard, it is of great interest to understand why smartphone usage is increasingly becoming popular in schools. Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Students can share information based on class assignments

Using a smartphone in class can facilitate easy follow up of assignments. Students can achieve this by forming groups. This collectiveness is formed via an app that is supported by phones. For instance, you can create a custom writing group on WhatsApp, invite fellow students to join it, and share writing essay ideas.

Also, teachers can offer guidance even when students are away from class. This involves the interaction of the educator with the pupils in the discussion groups. Moreover, the instructor can offer assignments without getting into the classroom.

  1. Smartphones are affordable

Phones should be encouraged because they are affordable. The reason is, they execute almost all the functions that a laptop does. For instance, students can do their research on the internet and access emails.

 Also, smartphones are most effective because they are portable. This enables a student to use it wherever he/she is. Moreover, it makes it convenient for the student to do research based on assignments away from class.

  1. Smartphones can support class activities

These gadgets help students to engage in online learning activities. They can send and receive files through the internet. Also, learners can communicate with their counterparts without physically being present.

Moreover, teachers can organize their students through communication. For instance, an educator can identify every scholar via their phone numbers. This happens when each learner needs to be given specific instructions.

  1. The smartphones have calculators incorporated in them

Usually, a student would carry a calculator in class, but having a smartphone would end the tradition. The reason is, smartphones have more efficient calculators. So, it could be convenient for any student in matters of mathematics.

  1. The teaching process will be student-centric

Allowing smartphones in class will end the teacher-centered form of education. This will be facilitated by students managing their workflows. Smartphones will not entirely replace the instructors, but the workload will reduce.

Moreover, it will be easier incorporating students into the technological globe. The reason is, they will have access to the specific features of the tech-world. Thus, establishing a learner-centered generation in learning is what the future holds.

  1. It is easy controlling Smartphones

It is easy for students to control and manage these gadgets. For example, you can set the phone in airplane mode when the teacher is teaching. Also, you can open or switch them off at your convenience. Thus, you do not need to worry that they will be a nuisance when you are in class.

Moreover, the following are some of the features that make the usage of smartphones to be popular with students:    

  • Basic mobile services: Services include sending and receiving calls and texts. This will ease interaction among students and teachers.
  • Warp speed processing: This element makes the phone function quickly. If the warp speed is slow, then the smartphone apps will lag, causing the disturbance.
  • Crystal clear display: The phone display should be clear to enhance interaction between the user and the phone.
  • Enough storage space: The phone’s internal storage space will be essential for keeping files sent by the teacher.

Wrap Up

The reason for using a smartphone in class makes a lot of sense. But, most schools have restricted the idea and are limited to the use of laptops. It can be very hectic to carry a laptop everywhere you go because of its size. Most people don’t mind because of how good a laptop may be. But, a smartphone is more affordable and can fit the demands of a student. Thus, using smartphones in class is convenient because they can be a back up to the computers.

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