Things to consider before starting a small business in UAE?

Let’s assume you are thinking of starting your small business. And you wonder if you need to install suitable HR software in your business too! Just like those big companies who make full use of the new advanced technologies. Then, the answer is YES.

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The size, category, and type of your business do not concern with the importance of HRMS. Moreover, integrating good HR software in the HR department would prove to be more than beneficial for your company. And as a small business, your priority lies in attaining high ROIs. With the right Human Resource Management Software, you will get additional support in recruitment management and survive longer in the business world.

There might also be a reason that you do not want to consider the use of HRMS in your small business due to a limited budget. But, you should trust the facts and invest in good HR software. It will be worth every penny as long as you run the business.

Why does your small business need to consider HR software as an essential factor?

If you are thinking of building your start-up in a developing nation with more minor technological advancements, then you necessarily may not require hr software. But as you are starting your small business in UAE, you must focus on the payroll and hr software depending on the requirements. You would also need to have correct information on their labor laws and business employment quota for different industries.

For small businesses, their employees/human resources are an essential element to run the business. With HRMS, you can keep accurate information and track your employees’ work. You can easily centralize the human resource database.

In this resource, we discuss the significance of HRMS:

  • To enhance employee experience

Human Resource Software plays a vital role in enhancing your employees’ work experience and job satisfaction, leading to an increase in productivity at work. The workflow becomes more efficient and effective.

There is no need for your employees to wait for days to get approval for something. For example, they can use the hr software to apply for leave & reimbursements, and they can input their attendance to work regularly through the software, access the employee engagement portal, etc. No third-party involvement in the process gradually improves the work experience.

In this pandemic, even if employees do work from home, they can easily communicate with each other regarding work issues through the engagement portal of the software. They would feel more recognized and maintain a good employee relationship as well.

  • To simplify the workflow in the company.

Despite a small workforce in your company, there could be disorganizations in the workflow. HR software makes the tasks more organized so that the work process runs smoothly. Employees can themselves track their work without any intervention from their head of the department.

The automation of the hr software further makes the monotonous tasks easy to handle. This automation can be used for different functions like payroll processing, employee leave & attendance management, employee onboarding, annual leave management, etc. There is no need for you and your employees to do any manual work by hand. The software itself processes all the applications and reports in a simplified manner.

The overall management and functioning of the business become organized and in an orderly manner.

  • To be compliant with required statutory laws.

In UAE, there exist several strict labor laws and local employment/recruitment quotas. If you operate your business there, it must fulfill those requirements as an employer. There is also a regulation that employers should provide their employees with health/medical insurance coverage based on the employees’ salary, age, and designation. Although, the HR department has the right to choose the type of coverage plan.

By choosing the right human resource management software, you can efficiently and effectively comply with government regulations. By doing so, you can save up your time and effort, and finances. You can also endure the compliance of your payroll system through a statutory audit.

A suitable hr software for your business can notify you through automated reminders about any law breach.

  • To be cost-effective.

While starting your business, you would not be able to count where your funds are going. There many areas where you could not save up finances. When sending out applications for a company license, registration, notifying officials about employment, raw materials, operating expenses, etc., expenses arise.

But with HR Management Software, you will be able to do tasks at lesser costs but with more efficiency and productive employees. You can manage more significant size employees as you want with the help of hr software. Hence, the money you have to pay to the HR personnel can be saved and used for other business needs.

  • To make decision-making more informed.

When there was no use of hr software in businesses, lots of non-required information used to take up time and make wrong decisions. Those non-related data were the results of massive data records and chaotic spreadsheets. But with hr software, you do not have to use any spreadsheets to do analytics and reporting.

You can easily access relevant data and do instant analysis as well. It allows you to make better decisions in a streamlined manner. The availability of appropriate information helps make an informed decision. The automated hr software can also create a report for you based on the analytics, both customizable and accessible.

For instance, at the time of performance appraisal of employees, you can easily access the required employee data that need recognition. The hr software collects the data systematically and keeps them organized as well in a single window.

You can prove your credibility to sponsors and other stakeholders of your company through unfeasible and logical analytic records and reports.

Overall, considering good human resource management software proves to be valid. With its support, you can smoothly align your business objective with the software and create a clear and transparent process for your company.

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