The Sunglass Buying Guide: Things To Consider


Though you’ll wear various attire depending on whether you’re relaxing on the beach, sunbathing by a pool, going for a run, bicycling, waterskiing, or snow skiing, your sunglasses should be worn in any scenario. Be it a beach date or a walk by the marine drive. Considering buying sunglasses for big heads or adding them to your power glasses can be tricky. However, one cannot overlook the significance of wearing a pair of shades too. Over time, daily exposure to the sun’s damaging UV rays will raise your chance of getting cataracts, macular degeneration, and other vision-threatening eye diseases. The one piece that makes a big difference between appreciating a delightful active lifestyle and injuring your eyes is a pair of shades that block 100 per cent of the sun’s dangerous UV rays.

Things to remember while buying sunglasses

Sunglasses protect your eyes from these damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays, minimise eyestrain in bright light, and shield you from flying particles and other dangers. Though sun allergy is a rare condition, it is always better to remain protected. Whether you’re going to work or hiking at your favourite vacation spot, finding the proper pair is crucial to your comfort. With versatile frames, optics, and features to choose from, buying a brand new pair of shades may be intimidating. When you use acetate frames, your skin will not get irritated. They’re comfortable to wear and come in a variety of colours. Although wooden glasses are less prevalent than plastic or metal frames, they are a unique go-to choice. Look for frames with plastic earpieces and wood around the rims if you don’t want the complete frames to get made of wood or if wooden shades are so out of your price range. So, here is a list of factors to consider while you buy your first pair of sunglasses.

     1. Frame shape

Square frames are timeless and have always been on the list of fashionable sunglasses. The design is popular since it flatters a broad range of facial shapes. Some of the most well-known names create angular and square frames, which will always be a fashionable trend. These glasses have the same height and breadth, and they look great on individuals with triangular and round faces. Round faces look great in angular rectangular frames. If you are shopping for sunglasses for big heads, rectangular frames can best suit. They also aid in the lengthening of a short face. Rectangular glasses with softer corners look terrific on people with oval faces.

     2. The lens shade

For everyday usage and most outdoor activities, dark hues are suitable. In moderate-to-bright conditions, darker hues are designed to cut through glare and prevent eyestrain as bright colours shine in moderate to low-light situations. They are frequently excellent for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities. They improve contrasts in difficult, flat-light situations and give ample depth perception. Adding colour to your look using sunglasses may be a great way to add some personality to your look. Several colours (of the clothes) can act against your complexion. Warm skin tones should opt for frames with yellow-based hues, while cool skin tones should look for frames with blue-based hues.

     3. Lens material and treatments

The clarity, weight, durability, and cost of your sunglass lenses are affected by the material used. Glass has a higher optical clarity and scratch resistance than other materials. It is, nevertheless, more costly and heavier than other materials. Polycarbonate offers a high impact resistance as well as outstanding optical clarity. It’s inexpensive, light, and low-bulk, but it is not scratch-resistant. UV protection layer protects eyes from harmful UV radiation. Without sufficient protection, UV rays can penetrate your eyes, causing accelerated ageing and eye-related health issues. On the other side, polarised lenses reduce glare while improving clarity, colour, and depth perception.

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