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Towards the end of August 2022, Jason Allen caused a huge uproar in the digital arts space when an art collection he made using a popular AI art generator won in the Colorado State Fair in the digital art category! The digital arts space is currently undergoing a massive revolution and artificial intelligence (AI) has everything to do with it! AI Art Generator are currently on the hype train in the arts and technology space, with new and better AI art generator such as ImageUpscaler improving on frontrunners such as DALL-E and Midjourney. But what exactly are AI Art Generators? And which are the secret AI art generators that no one is telling you about? Keep reading and find out!

What is an AI Generator?

“Art is the stored honey of the human soul” the words of American novelist and journalist Theodore Dreiser.  We are accustomed to art being conceptualized from a human insight point of view, but artificial intelligence is proving that there are absolutely no limits to its power and that it can improve on virtually anything human! AI Art Generators like Image Upscaler have opened up possibilities in the digital arts space that many artists could only have imagined to be a far-fetched fantasy, and in this article we are going to tell you all about it…and more!

So what is an AI art generator? AI art generators are AI art engine tools that take simple text prompts and turn them into mind-blowing images. AI art generators allow you to create art by simply describing what you wish to see and transform your words into art. If you have ever been in a situation where you needed unique photos for your website, book or other publication, or simply needed visual aids to support your presentation, then you definitely know the pain of not having artistic skills. Hiring a good artist also comes with challenges of its own and it can be tempting to give up on the idea of quality art! Well, this is the problem AI is solving, and new and improved AI AI art generators are cropping up almost overnight! But how do they work, really?

How Do AI Art Generators Work?

AI art generators operate as text-to-image tools operated by using prompts. With just a text input, you can create the most amazing images ever conceived by the human mind! No artistic skills needed and definitely no technical prowess! Online AI art generators give you different images when you input text descriptions of anything you want to see, with some giving you as many as four images in just 60 seconds! Now, AI art generators were not all created equal, and some will have more features and perks than others, but by and large, these ‘type and ye shall receive’ tools will definitely bring all your fantasies to life!

DALL-E, a controversial AI art generator owned by OpenAI was among the first online generators to be floated to online ‘artists’ to experiment with. Using it is quite simple, as it only requires you to create an account on their website using your email and password of choice. Once you have an account, you can simply add a prompt in the ‘prompts’ bar and start creating! You can also upload your own images onto the site under the ‘uploads’ section and use them to create images. Easy peasy!

Other AI art generators operate pretty much the same way, with some such as Stable Diffusion harnessing the power of algorithms to conjure images. AI art generators also come in different subscription rates, with many of them including a free version for general public use and a tier system that awards the top tier players with perks such as faster image generation, keeping image results private, such as in an art collection, and having more prompts per month. Midjourney, the AI art generator that produces award winning images is free for the first 25 prompts.

You would require a subscription to go beyond here, with the basic plan going for $10/month for 200 prompts. Above that, there is the standard version going for $30/month for 15 hours or 900 prompts per month. Pretty impressive, huh! The highest tier which is the Corporate plan, will see you cough no less than $600/year for 7,200 prompts per year! It all goes down to how badly you want the freedom of generating your own work or art. But wait! Is it all cozy with these AI art generators?

The Future of AI Art Generators?

AI art generators have sparked a fair bit of controversy mainly because of how they work. AI art generators scrape images off the internet, usually without proper regard to their original artists. Artificial intelligence works by mimicking what already exists and improving on it, which means that it leverages on the work of great and talented artists like Pablo Picasso and Leonardo Da Vinci.

Recently, Greg Rutkowski, a Polish digital artist who is prominent for his classical painting styles was shocked to find out that his distinctive style is the go-to prompt for most people working with many AI art generators. Rutkowski was initially excited to learn that he is a more popular prompt than Picasso, but was surprised to find that there were many pieces that had his name attached to it but did not belong to him. They belonged to other so-called artists!

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that AI art generators are the next big trend in the digital arts space. Many NFTs fans are even beginning to consider their use case as unique collectibles with exclusive rights to their original creators. However, like any upcoming space, especially in the technology niche, AI art generators need to be monitored and used under a certain level of regulation, so that unethical uses will not crop up and choke what could be the best AI use-case!

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