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You will notice almost immediately that the rules of play in Razz are quite distinct from those of the games to which you most likely used. For토토사이트 a player to participate in the hand after the dealer has dealt the cards, they must first post an ante. The size of the ante will be determined concerning the betting limitations, a topic that will be discussed in the next section.


However, the dealer will start the game after collecting all the antes. The game will start with each player receiving three cards, two of which will be face down and one face up.

There is no dealer button in the game of Razz. This 토토사이트indicates that the dealer will begin each hand with cards to the first seat in the row, moving clockwise around the table. Every subsequent street will follow the previous street pattern.


The action begins with the player holding the card with the HIGHEST face-up, placing a forced bet known as the “bring in.”

The quantity of money that must be brought in is predetermined concerning the betting restrictions. In the same way, we covered ants earlier, and this topic will be covered in the following section when we talk about the betting limitations.

If you’re familiar with the game 7 Card Stud, you might be used to the idea that the player with the lowest card has to post the bring-in. As a result of the objective of the game of Razz is to achieve the lowest possible hand, the game is played in such a way that the card with the highest value is the card with the lowest value.

In Razz, the value of an A.C.E. is modest (in the 7 Card Stud variant, the Ace is high, however). As a result, a King is a card with the lowest value, or more accurately, the card with the least strength. I know what you’re thinking: what if more than one player possesses the card with the lowest value when it’s face up?


When a tie for the lowest visible card between two or more players occurs rather frequently, the suits of the players’ cards are compared to determine who gets to keep the card. Let’s imagine that two players receive a King with the face-up position.

Player A holds the King of Clubs, while Player B owns the King of Spades. In this instance, you will refer to the legal action. The following is an alphabetical list of the suit strengths, going from weakest to strongest:

As can be seen, the Clubs are the least strong suit, while the Spades are the most powerful. According to this interpretation, the role of the bring-in will fall to Player B with the King of Spades in the case we just discussed. After that, we’ll pick up where we left off to the left of the bring-in.

After each round of betting, the dealer will discard a card and then give every player who is still in hand a new face-up card to add to their hand. You will see that the position will almost certainly shift when this occurs.

The next thing that will take place is that for each succeeding street, the player whose hand is currently demonstrating the most strength will be the first to act, and the action will continue to their left after that.

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