SEO Techniques To Gain Organic Traffic (Don’t Miss No. 7)!

SEO Techniques To Gain Organic Traffic

Understanding the basics of SEO is all you need to get started. However, the advanced SEO techniques will help you in improving the overall performance of the website on SERPs.

There are three basic things that you always focus on while doing website SEO: Keyword research, optimizing title tags and meta tags, and creating optimized content. This helps in laying the foundation.

What’s next?

Well, the answer is: advanced SEO tactics that will also help you in gaining organic traffic. If not by yourself, you can also take help from the best SEO agency London to improve your presence on search engine result pages.

For now, let’s dive into,

SEO Techniques to Follow in 2022

SEO isn’t just about finding keywords, getting the content ready, publishing it, adding metadata, and getting backlinks only. Search Engine Optimization is a wide field, where you have to focus on technicalities as well.

1. Do Thorough Keyword Research

Days are gone when keyword stuffing would help you rank on the first page. Today, it will only gain you a penalty from Google.

When we say do thorough research, it includes looking up the supporting and long-tail keywords as well.

Google is getting smarter by the day this technique will definitely help you rank on the 1st page. Target a wide variety of keywords and fit them naturally in content in the right amount and at the right place.

2. Write Content For Humans and not Search Engines

We have seen many writers creating SEO-based content that has keywords stuffed here and there.

You should understand that the content you are writing is for humans to read and not the search engine. Do your research properly on the topic and write content that fulfills the search intent of the keyword.

Your top priority is to provide your audience with the information they need and not the search engine.

No matter how much you try, you can never outwit the search engines. Your content should always be engaging and easy-to-read & understand.

3. Understand Core Web Vitals of Website

Another SEO technique that will help you gain organic traffic is looking up the Core Web Vitals of your website and understanding them better. Since 2021, the Core Web Vitals have become one of the ranking signals. Optimize your website for the core web vitals and see it grow.

Core web vitals are essentially focused on speed, visual stability, and responsiveness. These are represented as:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): This one measures the page speed of your website, which means the time it takes your website takes to fully load the main content of the page. The ideal loading speed of a webpage is 2.5 seconds or faster.
  • First Input Delay (FID): This one is to measure page responsiveness, which means it takes into consideration the time taken for a page to become interactive. The ideal FID is 100 milliseconds or fewer than that.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): This one is to measure the visual stability of the website, which means the amount of unexpected layout shift of visual page content. The ideal CLS is 0.1 or even less than that.

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4. Structured Content for Featured Snippets

No matter what you search for, there will be a featured snippet (on the 0th position). The featured snippets are the highlighted answer box, which has the most relevant answers to the search queries.

Around 19% of SERPs have featured snippets. So, optimize and structure your content for featured snippets. It won’t only get you traffic but is also helpful in raising brand awareness among the audience. There are four types of featured snippets namely, paragraphs, tables, lists, and videos.

5. Make Your Content More Visual

Add images, graphics, videos, infographics, and more visual content to your web pages. Why? Visual content gets more visitors and engagement. Humans love visual content and engage with them the highest. You can try a free graphic app like Canva or hire graphic design agency in London to optimize your content with pleasing visuals.

6. Optimize for Image Search

You already know how important visuals are, right? So, this SEO tactic! If you are not optimizing your images for the Image search, you are missing out on traffic from the image source.

Also, optimizing for image search isn’t just about adding images with proper alt tags. It’s much more than that.

Optimizing for image search includes: Alt tags, File names, Resizing images to the needed dimensions, Reducing file sizes, Creating an image sitemap, and Hosting your images on a CDN. Make sure every article has a featured image optimized for image search.

7. Focus on Technical SEO

No matter how much you optimize the content, if the website’s UX is not smooth and easy to navigate, it will be harder for a visitor to engage. If your website’s traffic is more from mobile devices, you need to have a mobile-friendly website design.

Hire web design services in London today and get the things rectified as soon as possible.

Remove toxic backlinks, ensure the speed of the website, and create an XML sitemap with clear formatting of URLs. With the right technical SEO tactics, you will gain organic traffic from every search engine.

8. Make an Effective Content Strategy

Last but not least, on the list of SEO techniques to follow in 2022 is making an effective content strategy.

Everyone makes a content strategy, but how do you know if yours is effective? Well, the word effective means the one that will show the desired results.

The content strategy isn’t to upload new content but to update the existing one, add missing subsections (information), and upload well-written and researched content!

Final Words on SEO Techniques

This article has the best SEO techniques you need to follow in 2022 to lock the SEO success of your website.

However, the search engines are evolving, and so should you. Stay updated with Google algorithm updates and change your SEO strategy as your business scales. It isn’t necessarily the strategy that worked for you this year will work in coming years as well. If you feel overwhelmed handling everything, look for the best SEO agency in London to help you manage the website’s SEO.

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