Participating in a Gambling Activity in Singapore is authorized (at Your Residence, in Public, or Online)


While there are many different ways to gamble in Singapore, the most common and well-known are 4D, 메이저사이트, the Singapore Big Sweep, and the casinos at Integrated Resorts.

Some people may not realize that these are only the most readily apparent forms of gambling, but rather, that there are many others. There is a tight line between legal and illegal gaming in Singapore, but the rules in place to control gambling encompass these and other activities.

While the occasional flutter at the roulette wheel or slot machine can be a lot of fun, regular gamblers run the risk of becoming addicted to the thrill of the game or, even worse, of getting in trouble with the law. So, we’ll be discussing in this piece:

Gambling in Singapore: What Does It Mean?

In Singapore, there are three main categories of gambling:


Taking part in a gaming session; and

Playing a lottery game.

If you live in Singapore, do you need a gaming license to purchase loot boxes?

It’s worth pointing out that, as online games grow in popularity, parents may worry that their kids (or themselves) are unknowing “gambling” when they purchase in-game virtual loot boxes or mystery boxes.

Players are required to spend real money to acquire in-game credits that may be redeemed for loot boxes or mystery boxes to take part. Players have the chance to obtain a random assortment of virtual things (called “loot” in the industry) whenever they redeem loot or mystery boxes (hence the name).

Although it may sound like buying loot boxes is gambling or like participating in a lottery, this is not the case. This is because in most cases, the only prizes up for grabs for participants are intangible, fictitious ones.

However, in some cases, players can cash in their loot boxes’ virtual objects for real-world payouts, such as by transferring the items out of the game and selling them for cash. Gambling would be the correct term for the purchase of such loot boxes.

When Does Gambling in Singapore Meet the Criteria?

The government of Singapore takes the position that any kind of gambling, whether live or virtual, is illegal unless specifically authorized. This 메이저사이트is in line with the government’s attitude that gambling is not encouraged generally, but that some types of gambling are acceptable provided they are conducted in a controlled and safe atmosphere.

Participating in Prohibition-Era Gambling

Only social gambling that takes place in person, as opposed to online, is allowed. A gambling activity must be both “physical” and “social” in nature to be considered “physical social gambling,” as suggested by the name.

The following criteria must be met for a gambling activity to be classified as “physical” and “social”:


Gambling can only take place in a person’s physical presence and at their residence. This does not include traditional locations like bars, restaurants, hotels, and community centers.


Individuals participating must be related to one another or close friends with one another.

For something to be legal, gambling can’t be done for profit. Therefore, it cannot be done on behalf of a business or for the benefit of someone who is not a participant. A non-participant host, for instance, shouldn’t charge a fee or take a cut of the action just because the gaming takes place at his or her home.

Furthermore, no participant should receive any benefit from the activity other than winning, such as being paid to take part.

The term “social gambling” is commonly used to describe the casual gaming that so many Singaporeans engage in. One of my favorite ways to celebrate Chinese New Year is by hosting a mahjong party at my house with my friends.

However, it is against the law to gamble in a public area in Singapore. Since a void deck is a public space, it would be theoretically prohibited for members of the same family to congregate there to gamble at a funeral.

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