Overcome your incontinence insecurities with this essential piece!

incontinence insecurities

Do you feel embarrassed to go out with your buddies due to your weak bladder? Do you avoid travelling and miss all the excitement and fun due to incontinence? Then, all you need is the incontinence pants for women. The incontinence state is the inability of your bladder to restrict or hold urine for some time. The muscles responsible for holding and letting out the liquid may become weak. You may have a leaking bladder that leaks urine during sudden jerks or bumps. It can be due to a weak bladder, many deliveries, vaginal illness or constipation. It is common among women of old age groups.

There are many types of incontinence. Stress incontinence occurs when your bladder faces stress, like lifting heavy objects, exercising, etc. The urge for incontinence occurs in people having parallel diseases like stroke or diabetes. They would feel the urge to urinate immediately before reaching the toilet. The next type is the overflow type. In this type, the urine leaks when your bladder is full. The last type of functional incontinence usually occurs due to a weak bladder in old age. Your incontinence can have a negative impact on your emotions.

It can be a real embarrassing moment to face urine incontinence in public. You may lose your confidence to move out of your house. Some people affected by this disease state Some people affected by this problem state that they feel anxious all the time due to their leaking issues.

Things to know before investing in incontinence pants

     1. Menstrual pad vs incontinence pant

Whenever there is a talk about using pants for urine leaks, people think they can use a period pad as a substitute. Well, you can use one during emergencies if you forget your anti-leak pants. But you do not have to use your period pad exclusively for urine leaks. The period pad has a different absorbency level than the incontinence pant. It also cannot hold the odour of urine. The urine leak can be more rapid. So, it is better to use incontinence pants for women to avoid an oops moment.

     2. Itching issues

The usage of pads always correlates with itching issues. Improper usage can cause itching. You have to change your anti-leak pants over a specific time to avoid infections and irritations. When you wear it for a long time, the bacteria and fungi in the urine can cause itching and white patches on your skin. The ammonia present in the urine can raise the pH of your skin. It can cause some issues over time. Incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD) is a disorder that arises when your skin’s protective layer is compromised. Keep an eye out for IAD symptoms such as itchiness, burning, red spots, lesions, and pain.

     3. How long can you wear them?

The wearing time depends on how many times you leak. If you have strong leaking issues, it is good to change your pants often. Experts suggest changing them about 5 to 6 times a day. You can change them every 4 hours to protect yourself from rashes and itching problems. The timely change can keep you dry, away from infections and make you feel more comfortable. If you are in a situation, you cannot change your pants; at least change it before it gets too wet and can no longer hold the pee.

     4. The size

You must feel free and comfortable while wearing these incontinence pads like your garments. Choose the right size of pants. Only the right fit underwear can hold your leak perfectly. You can measure your hip and waist and take the larger size to match your incontinence pants size.

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