OSRS – An Introduction to Slayer Reward Points

OSRS Slayer Points

Slayer points can be a great benefit to you when playing Old School Runescape.

In Old School Runescape, you have the ability to earn a number of rewards for your efforts. Whether this is raising skill levels, earning OSRS gold, and in this case, earning slayer reward points.

What are OSRS Slayer Reward Points?

A different form of reward to the likes of OSRS gold, these points serve as a reward system that you get from completing slayer tasks. You receive them from all of the slayer masters in the game, with the exceptions being Spria and Turael. You will want to keep an eye on what level your slayer master’s area is at as well, as this will determine the amount of slayer points that you earn.

You’ll receive bonus points too at certain milestones of completed tasks. These milestones include every 10th, 50th, 100th, 250th, and 1000th task that gets finished. You can then trade these points with slayer masters to get rewards.

To get all of the rewards and blocks that are available, you will need to accumulate a grand total of 9850 points. Say if you’re using the base of 15 points, then there will be 461 tasks for you to complete, which doesn’t include the slayer helmet colours, which takes it down to 250 tasks, or 3580 points.

The average points that you earn from finishing tasks works out at around 1.775 times the number of base points. The reasoning behind this is that you earn the bonus points at the intervals that we discussed earlier, which will tally up to a higher average over time.

An example of this would be if Krystilia offered 25 base points for each task, though when you consider the bonus points you get at the 10th milestone, the points total would be 44,375 for every 1000 tasks. This doesn’t however take into account Krystilia not offering slayer points for the first five assigned tasks.

How to Get OSRS Slayer Points

There is only one way to get slayer points, and that’s by finishing slayer assignments. There is a single exception where you will receive them as a quest reward, however. Anyway, you won’t be able to get slayer points from the first four tasks that you complete, but you will start to receive them from the fifth task and beyond.

If you are in a rush to earn slayer points, then you should start with Turael or Spira for the initial nine tasks. After this, you can move onto a slayer master that offers the best tasks for your current combat level and go from there. You can speak to either Turael or Spria if you want to know how much progress you have made in your tasks so far.

You can find them in Burthorpe and Draynor Village respectively. By speaking to them for a new assignment, you will be told how much progress you have made in your task streak, and as long as the current assignment isn’t the one that would be given normally.

Be sure to not confirm the dialogue here, as you will end up being given a new task, and it will reset the streak that you are on.

When you’re getting bonus points at the intervals, you will be getting a number of additional points from the slayer master’s regular points. Therefore, you should use the OSRS slayer master that has the highest requirements they meet once they get to the last task, because you will get an increase in slayer points. For every 10th task, you’ll get five times the points. For every 50th task, you get 15 times the point, and 25 times the points for every 100th task.

Meanwhile, at every 250th task, you’ll get 35 times the points, and 50 times the points for every 1000th task. It’s not like the equivalent of earning a bunch of OSRS GP for the amounts that will get you the Twisted Bow, but the bonuses are definitely worth it.

This is a very useful form of reward for you to obtain when playing Old School Runescape. Understandably, a lot of the game revolves around you earning currency, which is why it’s so popular to buy OSRS gold. But before you go looking for OSRS gold for sale, consider the number of ways you have to earn PoE currencies throughout the game. With time and effort, you’ll be able to reap the many rewards that are available.

Have you managed to earn OSRS slayer points? Let us know in the comments section below!

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