Misdiagnosis 101: You may have a medical malpractice lawsuit


There are different types of medical malpractice lawsuits, and failure to diagnose is one of the most common ones. Misdiagnosis is probably the most dangerous mistake a healthcare provider can make, and it can cost the life of a patient. If your loved one has suffered the consequences of misdiagnosis, you need to contact an attorney and discuss the possibility of filing a claim. Learn more in this post about common misdiagnosis cases and the need for a medical malpractice lawyer.

Commonly misdiagnosed conditions

Patients have the right to get a proper diagnosis. When you visit a doctor, you expect them to take you seriously and give you a fair overview of your condition based on your findings. However, that doesn’t happen in many cases. Commonly misdiagnosed conditions include cancer, heart ailments, brain abscess and injuries, compartment syndrome, and postoperative infections. Other cases include failure to identify conditions like pulmonary embolisms, Lyme disease, appendicitis, and cervical abscess.

Consulting a medical malpractice lawyer

Victims of medical malpractice often have a hard time understanding the facts of their claims. Just because you are not happy with your doctor doesn’t mean you have a valid claim. Also, doctors and healthcare providers are eventually humans, and mistakes can happen. There is a thin line between an honest mistake and a misdiagnosis. Your lawyer is your best bet for evaluating whether you have a medical malpractice lawsuit. Most law firms will not charge you for the initial consultation, which means you can always meet a potential attorney and discuss things to get a better overview of the situation.

The cost of hiring medical malpractice lawyers

When you are reeling under the consequences of a misdiagnosed condition and have financial losses to manage, you may not find it viable to engage a lawyer. Thankfully, injury lawyers take up medical malpractice lawsuits on a contingency arrangement. Instead of the standard retainer fee, the lawyer tries to maximize the settlement and gets a share of it, which is usually a decided percentage. You don’t need immediate cash to get an attorney on board, and the medical malpractice lawyer may even help you with other expenses.

You have limited time

All states usually have a statute that dictates the deadline to file a lawsuit after discovering medical malpractice. If you live in Georgia, you have two years, and it can be excruciatingly hard to prove your case unless you act immediately.

Get a medical malpractice lawyer today to start your case.

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