Math Behind Volatility in Slots

They say that slots are random, but before reaching the casino floor, every slot has to embody various mathematical algorithms for becoming a reality – visit After so many trials and errors, the developers equip each slot machine with the figures and formulae that ensure the randomness of every reward coming out of it. One of these mathematical aspects is Volatility that we also know as Variance for simplicity.

This aspect is crucial towards defining the overall experience you have with any slot. The risk factor involved with the rewards of every slot is linked to its volatility. Every slot machine is programmed in the same way with minor variations. Volatility or variance is what makes the slot rewards unpredictable and unique to the slot in question. Let’s find out more about slot volatility and its various degrees.

How Slot Volatility Works

It might feel like getting technical about slots, but basic knowledge of slot volatility can serve as an important turning point in your slot strategy. This figure has already been set for us by the professionals; we only need to understand its working for a lucrative slot session. If you manage to work around volatility, you will be able to evade the house edge for a long time สล็อต.

Higher the volatility of a given slot, lesser is the probability of winning with it. On the other hand, such slots are known to pay out massively whenever that might happen. But because of the elevated risk, only the players with heavy bankrolls can dare to play these slots. Calculating the volatility of the game is also important if you wish to keep your bankroll in check. Once you know the level of variance linked to a slot, you will be more careful with the bets you place.

Degrees of Volatility

Volatility comes at different degrees, hence affecting the slots in different ways. These degrees divide slots into three wide categories for us:

  • Low-volatility slots: They pay less but frequently.
  • Medium- volatility slots: They have risks and rewards in the middle of the spectrum.
  • High- volatility slots: They pay out rarely, but rewards are usually huge in value.

The hybrids like low/medium- or medium/high- volatility slots are also available, but these three categories usually sum it all up.


The volatility of a slot is not the only math working behind it, but understanding it can make a huge difference in the outcome you get from it. Any bit of information that can point you in the right direction can serve as a life-saver in the online slot world.

There is no fixed way of beating a slot game. But the best way to prepare yourself for the challenge is to try your chosen slot in the free mode. It will not only help you understand the gameplay of the slot but will also assist you in grabbing the concepts like volatility, RTP, RNG, etc. that are responsible for all the hidden action in the slots. Once you have that knowledge, you can get through any slot like a breeze.

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