LST Techniques for Autoflowers: Maximizing Yields in Compact Spaces

Low stress training

Growing autoflowers in compact spaces can be a daunting task, but with the right techniques, it is possible to maximize your yields. Among these techniques, Low Stress Training (LST) stands out as a highly effective method, particularly when it comes to autoflowers.

Understanding Low Stress Training (LST)

Low stress training, or LST, is an approach to cannabis plant training that involves gently bending and manipulating the stems of the plant to create a more even canopy. This allows for better light distribution, leading to increased yields. A common question among growers is, “how many nodes before topping?” Typically, it’s best to wait until the plant has at least 3-4 nodes before topping, as this ensures the plant is robust enough to handle the stress.

Implementing LST Techniques

To begin LST, you’ll need some basic tools like bud pots, Bud Trainer, BudTrainer clips, and LST wire. Bud Trainer and BudTrainer clips are specially designed tools to make the LST process easier, offering a spiral design that allows for easy adjustment and movement. The key to effective LST is to start early in the vegetative stage, gently bending the stems and using the clips to hold them in place.

Pruning During Flowering Week 3

Around the third week of flowering, it’s time to defoliate, a technique that involves removing some of the plant’s leaves to allow more light to reach the buds. This is also an ideal time to use bud clips to secure branches in their desired positions.

Deleafing and LST in Week 5 of Flowering

During week 5 of flowering, it’s time to defoliate again. This is also a good time to reassess your LST, making any necessary adjustments to ensure that all parts of the plant are receiving adequate light.

LST for Autoflowers

When it comes to autoflowers, LST is particularly effective. This is because autoflowers have a relatively short vegetative stage, making it crucial to maximize light exposure early on. It’s also worth mentioning that you should avoid topping autoflowers before flowering, as this can cause unnecessary stress to the plant.


When done correctly, LST can significantly enhance the yields of your autoflowers, even in compact spaces. It’s all about ensuring that as much of the plant as possible is exposed to light, thus enhancing photosynthesis and promoting growth. With the right tools and techniques, including Bud Trainer and BudTrainer clips, you can make the most of your autoflowering cannabis plants, producing impressive yields in minimal space.

In summary, LST is an effective technique for growing autoflowers in compact spaces. It involves manipulating the plant’s growth to maximize its exposure to light, thus increasing yields. Tools like bud pots, Bud Trainer, BudClips, and LST wire can make it easier, and techniques like defoliation can further enhance results. So, whether you’re an experienced grower or a beginner, consider implementing LST techniques for your next autoflower grow.

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