How To Rank Business On Google Map In 2022?

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When it comes to marketing your business, listing them in Google Maps is really vital. Google is no anymore a search engine; it has become an answer engine now. For almost every type of query and question, the first thing we do is search for the answers on Google.

When it comes to promoting your business, Google plays a huge role. We mostly prefer all those businesses that we get to find on Google. Often we also search for services and solutions near us. This is the time when listing your business in Google maps comes into action.

Why To Rank Business On Google Maps In 2022? 

Whether you are running a small flower shop or a renowned restaurant chain, local SEO always matters. It does not matter how small or how big your business is; you need your customers to find you.

When it comes to reaching your potential customers, having an online presence and finding yourself on the Google business is mandatory. As per Statcounter, by the time of October 2021, Google made up search engine inquiries of around 91.66%, and almost 80% of major purchases took place online.

If you want to learn about Google Business listing, you can download and watch some tutorial videos from here.

How To Rank Business On Google Map In 2022?

You might get a lot of online learning videos and tutorials about listing your business on Google and Google maps. Still, in order to make your task a little bit easier, here we are going to offer you some amazing tips to rank your business on Google Maps in 2022.

Tip 1: With Google, Business Profile Add Your Business To Google Maps

You have to ensure that your potential customers are able to find your business on the local search; it starts with Google Maps. As per the statistics reports, Google Maps is one of the most downloaded mapping apps in the United States, with 23.42 downloads in 2022.

When you list your business on Google Business, your business will automatically appear on Google Search, Google Maps, and other online platforms.

Tip 2: Claim Your Google Maps Listing

After you are done with listing on Google Maps, you need to go for the next step and officially claim your business. It is crucial for developing online visibility.

As per the Search Engine Journal, a particular claimed business could get 7 times more clicks and all those unclaimed listings and will also become 70% more effective in attracting customers. So, along with listing your business, claiming is also needed.

Tip 3: Develop And In-Depth, Accurate Online Business Listings

An effective local SEO-optimized Google business listing is not only about your name, contact number, address, and category. All these are the musts of creating a listing. But for increasing the rankings and converting customers, you need to remember about NAPWCHD.

This NAPWCHD stands for the following.

  • Name.
  • Address.
  • Phone.
  • Website.
  • Categories.
  • Hours.
  • Description.

Tip 4: Include Great Videos And Photos To Your Google Map Listing

Will you buy a dress or a handbag only by checking the ranking and visibility of the business?

Of course not. You need to see it. The online space depends a lot on the virtual form of content. It can be photos or videos. Just the way you do not place an order without seeing the original picture of a handbag, no one is going to try your business without a photo.

Along with photos, videos also work great and more efficiently when it comes to converting customers.

Some More Tips

We have given the major tips above. Still, here are some additional tips, which you should focus on.

Tip 5: Encourage customers to write positive reviews

Tip 6: Eliminate and merge all those duplicate Google Listings

Tip 7: Write An Customer-focused inviting description.

Tip 8: On Google Maps and elsewhere, keep all the ideas and content fresh.

Rank Business On Google Map

We believe when you follow these tips while listing your business on Google Maps, you will be able to rank higher on the search results. With higher rankings, you will definitely be able to attract more customers and increase sales.

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