How to prepare for UCEED and NID entrance exam?

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UCEED is a design base aptitude test, and to crack it, a student must have a passion for design and creativity.  This exam has two parts, part-A, and part-B. Like that, NID is another exam for design, and the students who want to pursue their career in design can opt for this exam. Both of the exams, UCEED and NID, are the toughest, and many candidates apply to them. Due to high competition, you need to follow strict steps to crack these exams. There are some steps that will help you to crack the UCEED or NID.

How to prepare for UCEED and NID?

Know the exam syllabus and Patten

If you are preparing at home or taking UCEED Online Coaching or NID Coaching, then the first step should be to know AB the exam pattern. After having an idea about the exam pattern, you will get to plan accordingly. Knowing the full syllabus would help you to come up with a strategy for your weaknesses and your strengths.

Follow a timetable

Without a timetable, the preparation can get messy, because there are so many subjects to cover and if you don’t plan accordingly then you won’t be able to cover all the subjects at a time. If you are taking UCEED Online Coaching then, ask your teacher to give you a suitable timetable. You must complete all the subjects on time so that you will have so much time in your hand before the exam.

Refer to last year question papers

Candidates should know the difficulty level of the exam and have an idea about the question papers before appearing for the exam. Solving actual papers would help to understand the format do the questions along with understanding the time management. You will be able to figure out the important chapters that will help to secure a higher score.

Improve design skill, and imagination skills

There will be questions based on drawing skills, so candidates need to improve their design skills in order to secure a good score. Students need to have a broad outlook for every design they see. If they want to pass of UCEED and NID exams, they must boost their creativity skills. Joining NID Coaching would help to learn to boost creativity and improve performance.

Tips for the exam day

So, after all the hustle, it is time for the final day, and if you do follow some things carefully, then the exam could go wrong. The exam questions are designed in such as way that they will test the candidate’s creativity skills, so a candidate must

  • Read all the questions carefully and take some time to understand them.
  • Answer the questions according to your strengths and weaknesses, and you should attempt the section that you are good at.
  • Don’t be too nervous or hurry while attempting to draw questions


With all these preparation tips and the right coaching, you won’t have any problem with qualifying for the exams. But with all these things, make sure to work hard and practice; otherwise, you won’t be able to compete against other students.

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