How to Convert Excel Sheets to PDF Format in 4 Easy Ways

If you want to present a data analysis for work or have a thesis presentation at school that requires you to make charts, the first program that will come to your mind is Excel sheets. Microsoft Excel is a program where you can add data, numbers, and graphs. It is also among the three primary office tools that Microsoft offers, together with MS Word and PowerPoint.

There might be instances where you need to present your excel sheet in a cleaner manner. Therefore, most people use PDF as a file format to save their important documents. However, since an excel file displays a different interface compared to MS Word, some might think one can’t convert it into PDF. But the truth is, it can be converted easily.

Converting Excel to PDF

Just like converting any other file formats, turning Excel to PDF format is not that hard. All you need to have is a reliable PDF tool converter that can do the job for you. There are tons of PDF converters that you can download and install, but none of them is as convenient and efficient as PDFbear.

PDFbear is an all-in-one PDF tool that not only accommodates converting different file formats to PDF form, but you can also make necessary edits on your PDF file using it. Aside from that, you can merge, delete, compress, split, sign, and repair PDF files on PDFbear. If you are looking for a tool that can convert excel files to PDF, PDFbear is the one to use.

Converting Excel to PDF Using PDFbear

Being the best PDF tool online, PDFbear offers the smoothest and hassle-free PDF conversions, among others. While most PDF tools require users to download and install the program on their computers, PDFbear doesn’t need any of those. You can easily convert your files online, and all you need to do is follow four easy steps.

First, you will need to upload an MS Excel file from your computer to PDFbear’s website. You can easily drag and drop the file on the server, and it will automatically upload. You may also get an Excel file from any cloud storage, as PDFbear supports all sorts of cloud storage, including Google Drive, One Drive, and even iCloud.

Once the excel file is on the website, the next thing that you need to do is choose your available options. You can modify the excel file to how you want it to be converted on the PDF file. Modify as much as you want, and once you are happy with what you have, click on “Convert,” and the conversion will start.

The conversion does not take too long, and it only takes a few seconds, depending on how heavy your excel file is. Once the PDF file is ready, you can download the newly formatted document to your computer or cloud storage. If you are in a rush and you need to send the PDF to a friend or colleague, you can send the PDF file right away via email.

PDFbear Perks

PDFbear is not only the best PDF converter, but it is also recognized as a friendly and convenient all-in-one PDF tool online. The website has all the best perks and benefits that users can get when using it. Here are just some of those advantages.

Friendly and efficient conversion tool.

You will no longer feel the stress of looking for a PDF tool that can effectively turn your excel files into PDF format because PDFbear makes it easier for you to do so. Convert not only Excel files but also Word documents, Powerpoint, JPG, HTML, PNG, and more.

Unlike other PDF tools and converters in the market, PDFbear offers fast and efficient conversion among the rest. PDFbear’s developers understand that users are always busy and on-the-go. Thus, they created this online converter tool for those people who need a quick and easy-to-use tool for their PDFs.

Online and no installations needed.

You will never find another PDF tool that has all the tools and features for all your PDF needs. PDFbear is compact, and you can access it online. You don’t need to do the necessary downloads and installations because, with PDFbear, all you need is a stable internet connection and a web browser.

Fast conversion.

You will never worry about having threats and other viruses when conversing using PDFbear because all modifications done on the site are guaranteed safe and secure. Once you upload an Excel file on the website, PDFbear ensures your files are safe and in the right hands.


Wherever you may be across the world, you will never have to worry about having files of different formats on your computer when you have PDFbear to use to convert all of it into PDF files. PDFbear is straightforward, quick, and easy to access anytime and anywhere, so you don’t have to worry about bulky computer files. 

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