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Wait is finally over for graduate job aspirants as the State Bank Of India(SBI) have officially announced the notifications to fill 2200  Probationary Officer(PO) vacancies around the country. SBI is one of the largest public sector banks with close to 50 crore customers and carries financial transactions though more than 22,000 branches located all over the country. Every job aspirant dreams of getting into a good position at SBI, as it provides a good salary and perks along with great reputation among people.

Job aspirants have to go through two phases of examination and Group discussion/Interview to successfully be a Probationary Officer at SBI. One of the toughest papers in the two phase examination is the Quantitative Aptitude. If you are not able to score good marks in this paper then chances of getting into a job are grim. With that in mind let’s discuss ways to improve your quantitative aptitude skill and score high marks with ease.

Start With Right Study Materials

Using the right study material for the preparation makes a big difference on whether you pass the exam with flying colors or not. When you are looking for books you need to be aware of these points

  • Best books for the examination will have all the most important topics which are important, easy to understand and will provide you with deep information about the topic for a better attempt in the examination.
  • Will have a large number of preparation question papers and solutions in detail.

Learn The Concept Ace The test

Most students fail to answer the Quantitative Aptitude paper and score big because they don’t have a deep understanding about the topic. It is wise to learn all the concepts first, take time and understand the concept.

Work on your weak Areas

Quantitative Aptitude topics for exams are based on a basic, high school syllabus that has previously been studied at school.  You need to identify the topics that you are strong and weak respectively as you go through the syllabus. For some it may be data interpretation for others mensuration or calculating time and distance, areas you were weak on during school days probably would be weak now too, you need to go for that first, Identify your weaker concepts which you are having difficulty in and start focusing on them more so that you can improve your scorecard

Memorize all Arithmetic Formulas

You should be well versed in all arithmetic formulas, if you can’t remember them during exams then sorry, cracking the exam will only be a pipe dream. So Practice and memorize them by heart and take note of it, everytime you go through the concept try to memorize the formulas.

Seek Vedic Maths Help

Vedic maths is a good way to enhance your mathematical skills, it’s easy to learn and will help a lot during examination time as it will speed your calculations with accuracy.


Everyone who cracked the competitive exams had a good study strategy that included revision, learning of concepts is the start and to revise it many times before exams will make the concepts and formulas stick in your brain.

Practice Test and Mock Test

Do as many practice tests and mock tests, practice tests will help you to understand the questions better. Mock test will help you know about the speed and accuracy at which you are able to come up with answers for questions.

For successfully passing the SBI PO exams  you need to have a good study strategy. Incorporate a good time table where topics are covered in depth and breadth. Practice on a lot of mock tests to understand your accuracy and rate of speed.

Try to cover all topics and revise them many times before the exam.

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