How Players Can Win Matches In COD?

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Call of duty is an electronic game popularly known for its gaming experience and features. This game also made some advancements in the first-person shooter genre. Call of duty game is mainly based on the setting of the Second World War, as the founders wanted to show the war to players through the eyes of soviet, British, and American soldiers. This game also offers single-player and multiplayer modes, which enhances this game. This game allowed players to set up a battle against human opponents in multiplayer mode. Call of duty mobile version brings up a heady mix of action in a battle royale and multiplayer modes.

But if anyone is new to this game, there are a lot of things they need to understand to start up their gameplay and win some matches. Winning the matches in call of duty will help players to crank up their XP. Call of duty game can be played on devices ios and android. If a player is playing it on ios, the player must have an iPhone model above 6s, and if anyone is playing it on android, then it is necessary to have android 4.3, and the ram must be 2 GB.

Call of duty game is around 1.6 GB, so you need that much space in your phone to install it. New players also have a fundamental doubt about how they will win matches against their opponents, so to avoid it, they can use some of the best modern warfare 2 cheats in their gameplay; otherwise, here are some tips for them.

Shut down background apps

If anyone wants to enhance their gameplay in call of duty, enable the gaming mode if you have it on your device. Doing this will reduce notifications you don’t want to pop up between matches. For example, suppose you are killing your opponent and a notification comes up, then you will surely not be able to kill him, but he will kill you.

So to avoid this, enable the gaming mode on your phone, and doing this will also improve your phone’s performance. If you want to get the best from the call of duty mobile version, it is a must for you that your phone runs in the best condition it can.

Connect headphones

This is a must if you are playing call of duty. The soundtrack of this game in the mobile version is excellent. Using headphones while playing call of duty will also help players become more aware of what is happening around them. Players will be able to listen to the footsteps of their opponents, and they can even listen to the bullet fired from a silenced sniper rifle.

Using headphones will give you much more if you can listen to them carefully and clearly. If one is playing with headphones, then it is a pro move. You can turn the volume up loud if you don’t have headphones. If your device has stereo speakers, that will also help you while playing call of duty.

Have a good internet

A good internet connection is a must while playing call of duty games on mobile phones. As this game is live multiplayer and there is no offline mode, it is widespread to have an internet connection. Therefore, players need to be connected with an internet connection if they want to experience gaming in call of duty.

Player has to watch their mobile data allowance, or they can also stick to a WI FI connection. This is necessary because you don’t want any lags to come between when you are killing your opponents or when you have good form in a call-of-duty game.

Turn the brightness up

If you are playing call of duty on your mobile and not turning up the brightness, then it is your biggest mistake in call of duty. As in this game, what you see, what you shoot, the brighter your screen will be, the better you’ll be able to kill your enemies. So players must turn off the auto brightness mode while playing call of duty.

Turn on the levels up and make sure that night mode is off in your phone, as this mode will skew the visuals. If you have a very advanced phone that allows the gaming mode, then make sure to on it on your phone and disengage the auto brightness.

Customize your controls

This must be done in the call of duty game from the lobby to the playing mode. In controls of call of duty, game players can choose simple and advanced controller settings. But the advanced players have the customize button, they have to tap this, and they can drag the control option elements and place them into the new locations.

But new players know one thing: both playing modes in call of duty multiplayer and battle royale have slightly different docks, so they have to customize both.

Make use of the prone button

A frequent change is being made after adding this option as players can go direct to prone means lying down and don’t have to press the button long to do this. This prone button is by default off in every player’s game, but they can turn this mode on. This option will be available in the settings options, so you can easily on it with one tap.

With the help of this, you will be able to drop easily and quickly on the ground and still keep fighting, and this move is commonly known as drop shooting. This model is famous in BGMI also and getting famous in the COD mobile version.

Changing the shooting mode

This is also being done in the call of duty mobile version as this player can change the type of weapon shooting. Players can fire from the hip and aim it down to sights or select the custom mode. This will let players have a free hand, and they can change the behavior of weapons, so with the help of this, players can also fir the shotguns with the help of this hip.

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