How much it too much when it comes to skincare products?

skincare products

When it comes to skincare, things are not exactly straight forward. You need to do a lot of research to come up with the correct regimen that allows your skin to be healthy and improve in appearance.

It is not just the matter of understanding your skin type and skin needs, but you also then need to find the right products for your skin type. There are other practicalities as well, like budget, availability, convenience, etc.

But there is another matter that needs addressing is the quantity of product to use. Too much, and you might overwhelm your skin alongside wasting product. Some might also lead to skin issues that then requires the intervention of a Skin doctor in Karachi.

And if you use too little of product, it might not be effective then. Lack of results might discourage people from using skincare products, which also then leads to poor skin health. Hence knowing the quantities to use with skincare is important.

How much facewash and cleanser to use?

Finding the right cleanser is the first step, the quantity comes later. If you use too harsh a product, it might dry out your skin, making it dry, dull, and dehydrated. So, the first course of action is to find the right cleanser.

Then, comes the issue of quantity. If you use too much product, it can lead to skin becoming dry. It might also be too aggressive for your skin as well. Moreover, if you use excess product, it is also wasteful as well.

Most experts suggest using a dime-sized dallop of the product. Or, generally, one pump of the cleanser –if it comes with a pump –suffices. It is suggested that you use damp hands, which makes it easier to lather the product.

How much toner to use?

A toner is used to balance pH of the skin. They might not be required in all cases, but if you chose to use a toner, you can forgo a cotton swab or pad. If you do use one, around 5 drops should be sufficient. Apply only to the places where needed.

However, some experts also suggest forging cotton swab and being direct with the product. Release around a quarter’s size worth of toner on the palm of your hand, and then pat the product over the regions of your face where needed. But if you do not have oily skin, you might need to use lesser product.

How much serums do you need to use?

Most serums do suggest the amount of product to be used. Most often with serums, less is more, as they are potent. Overdoing them might lead to issues with your skin.

Moreover, you can use the dropper to directly apply the serum to your face; there is no need to waste product by applying to some swab or your hand.

It is also important that you get to all the places on your face with the serums. Use gentle motion to massage the product all over the face, so that it is absorbed into the skin.

How much moisturizer do you need to use?

If your moisturizer is cream based, a dallop is sufficient. Otherwise, a nickel-sized amount is fine. When using a moisturizer, you need to also listen to your skin; if its drier than usual, apply some more. And do not forget your neck!

How much sunscreen do you need to use?

Sunscreen is never an option; you must put it on every day, even if you are not going outside. The windows do bring in the sunlight, so you need to protect your skin.

The suggested quantity of sunscreen is around an ounce, or a quarter teaspoon for face and neck. It is also important that you reapply sunscreen after every two hours.

If you do not, then your skin is at risk of problems like hyperpigmentation, premature aging, etc., that then has you running to the Dermatologists in Lahore.

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