How Megaways Slot games Differ from other Slots

There is a word that a lot of players will find at the end of certain slot games. That word is Megaways – click to play here.

It comes up in both new and existing slots and has caused some confusion among regular slot players. What does the word megaways mean and how does it differ from regular slot games?

What do we mean by Megaways slot?

We all know how slot games work. There are symbols on a set of reels and the slot player needs to spin these reels and hopes to match up identical symbols for a pay-out. These symbols are always static, however. That means that the symbols will always be in the same place on every spin, barring some sort of bonus feature.

In a megaways slot, the number of symbols on every reel is changed randomly on every single spin. This means that there are more combinations that a player can make in the games than in a regular slot, more ways to win. Some of these slot games feature over one hundred or several thousand ways to win. Hence the name, Megaways.

The maths

Let’s get complicated for a minute. In a standard 5 by 3 slot game, the player usually has fewer ways to win. This is because the odds of winning is calculated by multiplying the number of symbols on the reels by how many rows and reels there are. That gives you an accurate representation of how many pay lines are actually achievable.

In a Megaways slot this number is slightly harder to calculate as the symbols are constantly changing. You can do the multiplication but the odds of actually earning all of the pay lines in a megaways slot is highly unlikely. That is why you will always encounter megaways slots with up to a certain amount of pay lines instead of a definitive number. That is because the actual number is unclear.

How to bet on Megaways

Megaways slots usually feature large jackpots. The aim is to make slot players aware of how much they can win, making it a highly volatile slot game.

This leads to low stakes when betting, sometimes around less than £1 for a max bet. This keeps the players engaged because all they need is that 1 in 100,000 chance to win that big jackpot on a very low stake.

Megaways slots are viable and have become very popular in recent memory, however slot players will find it incredibly hard to win any substantial prizes from just casual play.


The key difference between Megaways slots and regular slots is the amount of ways the slot player can win when playing. All of the other differences such as the high volatility and low stakes settings are all a result of this randomly generated symbol distribution.

If you like to know what you are getting, stick to regular slot games. Anyone feeling particularly lucky will want to give the megaways slot a try.

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