GoGoPDF: A 4-Step Process To Convert MS Excel Spreadsheets Into Email-Ready PDFs

One of the best ways to present and interpret data is through Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. This document format will let you input any information through graphs, charts, and tables. Most of the time, EXL files contain large sizes, which is pretty difficult to send via email.

That said, converting it into a PDF or Portable Document Format file is necessary to turn your MS Excel spreadsheets into a more readable and email-ready document. However, if such a task sounds too intimidating with all the manual scanning and software installation in mind, you may get the help of GogoPDF to make this matter a lot easier.

This web-based platform offers a conversion service that will let you transform any EXL file into a PDF document in just minutes. If you want to try out GoGoPDF converter’s efficiency, here are the things that you should be aware of.

The Process

Now, you probably know that GoGoPDF offers a web-based platform that can help you convert Excel to PDF. But, the question is, “How?” GogoPDF answers this common question by providing a conversion process that is simplified and straightforward. As such, you can convert Excel to PDF using four easy-to-follow steps!

To start with the conversion process, you should upload the EXL file you want to be converted into PDF from your device to GogoPDF’s conversion portal. From there, GogoPDF will begin analyzing your Excel spreadsheet and automatically convert it into a readable PDF file.

In just a couple of minutes or less, your newly converted PDF document is ready to download, and you can save it on your device or share it with all your social media accounts.

Free Trial Vs. Premium Membership Plan

GogoPDF offers two types of subscriptions for all its users. The first one is its free trial subscription, where you can utilize its conversion services for free. With this account, you’ll be able to convert MS Excel files into PDF without having to pay any fees and hidden charges.

You can enjoy this costless offer for 14 days and utilize all the GogoPDF’s tools and services. However, if you want to have unlimited access to this platform’s impressive features, you can always upgrade your free account to a premium membership plan. With this paid subscription, you are entitled to infinite storage for your documents and store as many files as you want.

Aside from that, GogoPDF’s pro members are also allowed to upload, convert, and compress multiple PDF files all at the same time. Isn’t it amazing? But, wait, there’s still more! By upgrading your account, you will also have priority assistance where you will be on top of GogoPDF’s technical and customer support team. Plus, ads and non-skippable video advertisements won’t suddenly pop-up on this premium subscription.

Can be Operated Through Compatible Devices

GogoPDF didn’t set any particular platform in providing its Excel to PDF conversion services. In fact, it guarantees that every user can be able to utilize their online converter through different media and computer operating systems. As such, you can use all Windows versions, Mac, and Linux-based systems in transforming your EXL spreadsheets into high-quality PDFs.

With that said, you may now start converting your MS Excel document into PDF through your laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Hence, GogoPDF is absolutely available and compatible with any smartphones you might be using, whether it’s Android or iOS platform.

Safe and Secured Conversion

Another good thing about the GogoPDF is its safe and secured conversion. Whenever you upload files to this platform, you can be at ease that your document won’t be compromised in any sort of way. The professionals behind GogoPDF guarantee that everything is secured in their hands.

As a matter of fact, according to GogoPDF’s company policy, they will not keep any passcodes, security passwords, credit card information, or any files you have uploaded to their system. Besides, this platform also uses SSL encryption to make sure your files are encrypted and secured.


Converting Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet into an email-ready PDF can be intimidating — especially if you are not familiar with the software installation necessary for the conversion. But, thanks to GogoPDF, you don’t have to go through the risk of downloading any apps and software to turn your EXL into PDF.

With this platform, you can now instantly convert your files through any compatible device and computer operating systems. Plus, its free and premium account is both amazing too! So, if you have to transform any Excel spreadsheets into readable and email-read PDFs, GogoPDF is the best help you could get.

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