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Adding your own visuals and choosing your fonts to promote your video works out as a fantastic move. In this regard, it can be stated that the thumbnail maker serves as the one-stop destination for making thumbnails as per your needs. Download as a JPEG or PNG image and readily upload to YouTube. Brands large and small alike, like the thumbnail maker as it is helpful for marketers, communicators, executives and educators to show off their brand. Vista Create serves as one of the best thumbnail tolls that will be assisting you with unfolding your true creativity. Learn how the tool will make it absolutely easy to add life to your design elements for drawing the attention of the viewers.

Thumbnail Templates

Selection of free thumbnail templates ensures that you won’t have to face issues while you want to create YouTube thumbnails your audience will love. So get the option to browse the templates below or view the library to find a thumbnail that fits your brand. Also, it will be particularly suited for the YouTube channel and your video content.

What are the Features of the Thumbnail Maker making it stand out?

Thumbnail maker lets you Create beautiful custom thumbnails with a template. In addition to that, you will get the option to customize it by updating fonts, colors, photos and more. Also, download the thumbnail to upload to the YouTube channel.

  • Beautiful thumbnail templates

Jumpstart the YouTube video thumbnail creation process with some of the pre-designed templates at your fingertips. Find a template fitting your vision and add in your brand fonts and colors matching it to your video.

  • Creating Your Thumbnail

Get a selection of YouTube thumbnail templates available.

  • Building your thumbnail

Easy to design YouTube thumbnails to look exactly how you want. So get the option to search for shapes, icons, photos and more. So with the tool, it will be easier to bring your design to life. Upload screenshots or still shots. It will be fit for your video to match your thumbnail to the content.

Creating Your Thumbnail

With the platform, you will get access to the Icon customization options available in the editor. Customize every aspect of the thumbnail to match your brand and video. Brand’s colors and fonts will make it easier to create custom thumbnails for your video. Go ahead with Changing the fonts, backgrounds and shapes in the thumbnail maker. Also, use the tools to apply a color scheme with one click. Get the option to create your own. The online YouTube thumbnail maker will offer the convenience of choosing from millions of images and applying color overlays and filters. Premade thumbnail templates assist you with jumpstarting your design. You will get the availability of Hundreds of thousands of icons and photos to choose from. Add in branded fonts and colors, making it your own.

Points to note

  • What is a Thumbnail?

A thumbnail refers to a cover photo of a video appearing in search and on the channel on YouTube before clicking to watch your video. Make your thumbnail enticing to get many users to click through. With that, rest assured that people will watch your video as possible. Some of the YouTube thumbnails will appear predominantly in top search results. The list of thumbnail designs helps one get inspiration for the types of designs to get started with.

  • Creating beautiful video covers in minutes

Use the thumbnail maker to create beautiful video covers. Choose customizable video cover templates in the YouTube thumbnail maker. Also, get the option for tweaks and adding visuals and the title to your video. Place information into the template. Do so by selecting the corresponding area and placing it in. Edit all sections for shape, location and size. Also, you will get the relevant sections for text, icons and graphics added from the left-hand panel.

Final words

Create custom YouTube thumbnails in minutes when you will get the availability of the design elements available to you. Plenty of options are available with the thumbnail maker to make your videos stand out. Use Vista Create today to get the results as per your needs.

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