Digital Marketing Tips You Cannot Ignore in 2021

In today’s tech-driven world, the wonders of digitalization are no secret to anyone. Online shopping is bringing convenience for consumers while automated devices are streamlining business operations. With these staggering benefits of digital marketing, having a stellar online presence has become inevitable. You have to create engaging social profiles to draw customers’ attention. Likewise, brands have to captivate audiences through flexible digital storefronts and easy-to-use websites.

These are integral aspects of launching digital campaigns but won’t help you stand out in the crowd. After all, every business has a social profile and website. Therefore, expand your horizons and explore new marketing trends in the industry to gain an edge. More than chasing after promotional strategies, you should focus on improving customer experience to establish brand loyalty.

Likewise, find new ways to interact and engage with online customers. You can create videos, post interactive content, bring influencers on board, or personalize campaigns. In addition to improving customer experience, savvy Digital Marketing Course In Sydney techniques can significantly boost conversion prospects. So, are you ready to upscale your marketing campaigns? Here we are unfolding six digital marketing tips you can’t ignore in 2021.

1.   Influencer Marketing

Nowadays, word-of-mouth holds a lot of value in customers’ eyes. People ask their friends and family for referrals to ensure they are buying from a credible company. Likewise, they also look up to influencers and their feedback before purchasing a product or service. According to the blogging stats, 46% of people take recommendations from bloggers and influencers. While influencers can also be renowned celebrities, they are usually popular Instagram and YouTube personalities with a massive fan-following. They give honest reviews of brands and build audiences’ perspectives about the business.

As influencer marketing is likely to be the next big thing, why not create a social media influencers network to promote your brand? Find influencers in your niche to reach out to the target audience. If you own a restaurant chain, opt for food bloggers. They will get you the exposure you desire, creating brand awareness across different channels.

2.   Interactive Content

Content has been one of the most powerful assets in the digital world. And with evolving tastes and preferences, interactive content has become everyone’s favorite. In 2021, marketers will witness a shift from conventional text-oriented content to more engaging and interactive content. It offers users an immersive experience, boosting engagement rates. Any idea how to create interactive content? Instead of writing articles and blogs, you have to create quizzes and polls.

Similarly, you can craft augmented reality ads, 360-degree videos, or bring the element of gamification. An ad pop-up on the screen, saying ‘scratch and win’ can be far more interesting than a regular ‘buy now’ advertisement. Besides, if you are offering financial services, embed accounting calculators on the website. It would help people create customized financial plans loan terms while calculating the overall charges. Interactive content makes individuals feel more connected to brands and more interested in the buying process.

3.   SEO for Visual Searches

Surprisingly, visual search can take user experience to a whole new level. In the coming years, most people will be uploading images to search and find products. Hence, if you want Google to find and display your visuals in the results, start optimizing images for visual searches. If you don’t know-how, have a look below.

  • Add a caption below every image. It explains to the readers and search engine what the image displays.
  • Insert a keyword in the image title to help Google spiders find the image readily.
  • You can also include a brief description below the image and keyword in the Alt text filed.
  • Always use minimum file size for a clear picture and quick loading speed.
  • Most importantly, make sure to add a keyword in the file name.

Depending on your product, you can also optimize images for Pinterest lens and Bing visual search. It would give you an edge over the competitors while providing customers the perfect product.

4.   Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Chatbots

Today, the marketing industry is all about technological inclusion and smart solutions. Machines and automated tools are taking over mundane tasks. Thus, marketers can schedule and publish ads automatically. Simultaneously, AI-enabled devices are generating insightful customer data to help brands anticipate market trends.

Moreover, AI-servers have human-like intelligence which means, they can interact with customers in real-time. You can also leverage digital assistants – chatbots to foster customer interactions. They will respond to general queries such as shipping charges, delivery dates, etc. Besides, chatbots can answer customers at any time of the day, assisting them with purchase decisions even at odd hours. Hence, you can add an option of ‘live chat’ on the webpage and offer a brilliant customer experience.

5.   Social Commerce & Shoppable Posts

With social media and eCommerce overgrowing, companies are using the two together to augment conversion opportunities. For eCommerce brands, shoppable posts will reduce the risk of consumers abandoning their carts. After all, they don’t have to switch apps or sign in to another website to purchase. They can click on the ‘buy now’ button and complete their purchase journey. According to Instagram’s reports, 90% of the users follow active shopping brands. So, what could be a better way to target a massive chunk of audiences than by creating shoppable posts?

Start creating interactive advertisements where users can click on the posts and shop without any hassle. Similarly, add a ‘shop’ section to your Facebook page and add products to it. These posts will automatically redirect users to the checkout page to fill in their contact information and make payments. It gives customers the instant access they desire, boosting sales prospects.

6.   Personalization is the New Normal

Modern-day customers expect brands to treat them as individuals. Thus, your unified marketing campaigns are not bringing any results in 2021. There is no one-size-fits-all marketing approach in this personalization era because every customer has a different buying behavior and choice. Therefore, marketers have to tailor communication, identify unique customer segments and buyer personas. It would help you customize offers and discounts for each customer segment.

For instance, you can attract price-sensitive customers with free shipping offers. In contrast, your loyal customers can receive exclusive access to the brand’s new collection. Besides establishing trust in the brand, it would boost customer retention rates. Otherwise, you can follow a similar personalization approach to Netflix. Add a ‘recommended for you’ section on the website to cater to individual customers. These personalized shopping lists can bring in more leads and improve conversions.

Wrap Up

In today’s dynamic world, regular marketing strategies won’t make the cut anymore. You have to think outside the box and develop plans that help you stand out in the market. Perhaps, you can collaborate with an influencer, a new content format, or technological integration. Similarly, you can create shoppable posts and personalize campaigns to attract more customers. After all, this is a rat race and if you want to stay ahead, keep making continual efforts to upscale your marketing strategies.

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