Convert and Secure Your PDF Files At Ease Using GogoPDF

Portable Document File or PDF is commonly used in saving files that do not need modification. Thus, if you have files that are ready for printing, it would be better to convert them into a PDF format. This file has become essential at work and school. Hence, the creation of various web-based tools for PDF has become a necessity.

As you browse your search engine, you can see various tools for your PDF files. But, some tools exhibit complicated steps. Luckily, GogoPDF offers an easy way out in altering your PDF files. You can convert and protect your files using this tool. This article will show you how to convert and secure your file formats using GogoPDF.

Convert Your PDF File

Technology is changing rapidly. You will never know if your file formats can keep up with these changes. If you want to preserve your file’s content, one must try to convert PDF to PDFA. GogoPDF offers you their best PDF to PDFA file conversion tool. The steps are not complicated to do!

They offer you a straightforward means of converting your PDF file to PDFA. You must first select your desired PDF file and put it in their file conversion tool. GogoPDF will start to analyze your file once you drop it in their system. The conversion may take minutes, depending on your internet connection.

After the file conversion, you can now download your files online. When your PDF files are already converted to PDFA, rest assured that your file’s content and formats will be preserved even for a century! This is the benefit of converting it into a PDFA file. With minimal effort, you can have a document that would last a lifetime!

If you wish to convert other file formats such as Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, and vice versa, you can still do it using the same process. Always begin with what document to convert! The process is not a hassle when using this tool. All of the instructions are made simply.

Protect Your File

If you have experienced unauthorized access to your webmail account and your social media account, you would be bothered by it. Similarly, if other people freely access your important documents, you would not be pleased with that. The best way to it is to protect your PDF file by putting a password to it.

GogoPDF offers to protect your PDF file with its state-of-the-art method on file format password encryption. The first step in doing it is choosing the file that you need to protect and put it in their system. Please think of the best password that you will input into the system, and make sure it has all the requirements.

If you want your colleagues to have access to it, you can copy the link and send it to them. After a few seconds, you can now download your protected PDF file online. You can also upload it to your webmail account so it would be extra protected.

Unlock PDF File

There are times that you forget your passwords, be it in your social media account or even your cellphone’s password. This is a common problem as well in every protected file format. Luckily, GogoPDF has the best available tool for that. You can unlock your PDF files using direct and easy instructions from GogoPDF.

Choose a file that is protected with a password and put it in their system. When you have your file ready, GogoPDF will start decrypting your protected PDF file. It may take a while, depending on the strength of your internet connection. Once it’s all set, you can download it online and may share it with your colleagues if deemed necessary!

With the convenience that this tool has provided to its users, one will not die out of frustration from forgetting one’s password. The primary thing you need to do is select the file and let GogoPDF handle the other processes. It’s easy and fast!

Cloud System

If you have a file that contains a large amount of data, it would be better to save them online. GogoPDF offers you to keep your files online using the Cloud System without hassle! You will never worry about consuming too much space on your laptops and computers.


All the necessary information for file format conversion and protection is already there. If you are looking for other features, you can visit their official website. If you are still hesitant to use this tool, you can avail of their free trial!

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