Class 8 English: Best Tips to Learn and Score Good

Class 8 English

The NCERT book for Class 8 in English has a variety of units with beautiful prose and poetry pieces as well as exercise and practical application questions, according to the CBSE English Syllabus.

In today’s age of cut-throat competition and a race against time, it’s necessary for all students to be prepared and ready to face every kind of challenge. Examinations are such challenges in a school student’s life. If you want to ace your English exams, you need to be well-acquainted with and keep an in-depth understanding of every single textbook lesson.

English is without any doubt an important part of your course. Moreover, you will also be using this language as a crucial aspect of your day-to-day communication. Clearly, it is very important to ensure that you have a solid foundation as well as be properly fluent in the language. In the CBSE Class 8 syllabus, NCERT includes two textbooks that will help you understand English literature while enriching your knowledge.

Vedantu NCERT solutions for class 8 English consists of solutions for all chapters in an organised, sequential manner. This way, students will not be getting confused as they learn them. These clearly-put explanations enable students to understand the deeper meaning and the actual theme that is expressed in the chapter.

The following chapters are included in the textbook Honeydew

1. Unit 1 – The Best Christmas Present in the World

Unit 1 Poem – The Ant and the Cricket

2. Unit 2 – The Tsunami

Unit 2 Poem – Geography Lesson

3. Unit 3 – Glimpses of the Past

Unit 3 Poem – Macavity: The Mystery Cat

4. Unit 4 – Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory

Unit 4 Poem – The Last Bargain

5. Unit 5 – The Summit Within

Unit 5 Poem – The School Boy

6. Unit 6 – This is Jody’s Fawn

7. Unit 7 – A Visit to Cambridge

Unit 7 Poem – When I set out for Lyonnesse

8. Unit 8 – A Short Monsoon Diary

Unit 8 Poem – On the Grasshopper and Cricket

9. Unit 9 – The Great Stone Face – I

10. Unit 10 – The Great Stone Face – II

Learning something new is always fun, especially if it’s a language. However, it may be easily ruined if a student is unable to get a good score.

The supplementary textbook called It So Happened consists of the following chapters –

  1. Unit 1 – How The Camel Got His Hump
  2. Unit 2 – Children At Work
  3. Unit 3 – The Selfish Giant
  4. Unit 4 – The Treasure Within
  5. Unit 5 – Princess September
  6. Unit 6 – The Fight
  7. Unit 7 – The Open Window
  8. Unit 8 – Jalebis
  9. Unit 9 – The Comet — I
  10. Unit 10 – The Comet — II
  11. Unit 11 – Ancient Education System of India

The students of Class 8 are going to have an amazing learning experience with the help of the stories and poems included in NCERT Class 8 syllabus. This book will also help them to prepare and write effectively in the exams.

Study Tips for Exam

NCERT books for Class 8 in English have various advantages, speaking from the point of view of the preparation for your final exam. Students will learn about an array of topics out of the assorted group of prose and poetry pieces that have been carefully selected and included in the book. At the same time, students should also resort to self study with due respect to their ideas and grasping capacity. It is always advisable to interact with the subject teachers in class and the experts, to understand a concept more easily in case you have doubts or want further clarification.

NCERT books provide the best pool of study materials for the preparation of your exam.

The chapters provided in the coursebook outline several concepts very clearly and precisely, in a simplified tongue for students with different learning capabilities. The book also has several practical examples and activity-based questions to elaborate all the topics, morals, and concepts in a simplified, easy to understand language. As a student, it is obvious that you want to obtain a good score. Therefore, referring to NCERT Solutions is an absolute compulsion. It is always advised that students practise these solutions regularly or even daily so that they can fetch good marks in the final exams. Also, referring to the sample papers as well as previous year’s question papers to gain extra knowledge while knowing the pattern of exams is a good idea.

Concentrate on the grammar syllabus. The only way to learn all the rules of grammar is by practice. So, to make sure you know all the rules, you have to practice objective type questions and other exercises. This will help you have a good grip on the topics and prevent grammatical errors not only in the exams but also help you write without mistakes. You can even try to understand and explain difficult sentences to your peers to improve your knowledge of grammar.

The writing section should be focused upon properly with special attention to the formats of every single type of writing prescribed in the syllabus, such as letter writing, notice writing, and report writing. A few important tips are to write short sentences, break up longer answers into paragraphs, prefer writing in an active voice, and proofread all the answers.

NCERT’s official website is Through this, NCERT caters to the students and facilitators with a diverse amount of study material such as textbooks, guide books, and reference books. You may also find all the accurate Solutions for NCERT Classes 1 – 12 on this website. These solutions have been prepared with great care to enable all students to understand all concepts with ease and get good marks in the exams.

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