Choosing The Right CBD Vape Cartridges For You

The usage of vapes increased over the years. Its popularity rose among the younger and older demographics alike. Today, vapes are widely known worldwide, and with their fame, many companies have come up with different gimmicks to make vaping enjoyable.

The appearance of the vape appeals to many audiences. It has a simple design, lightweight, and’s easy to use amongst beginners. The only thing that keeps others from using vape is some laws that ban its use (read more). Law-abiding citizens are less likely even to try it out, no matter how many benefits it brings.

Many new users often want to try vaping to quit smoking cigarettes, or for younger demographics, to take pleasure from what vapes could offer. Over the years, manufacturers produced various kinds of vape pens, cartridges, and flavor juices to suit the users. That includes CBD cartridges that are designed to help people with their benefits!

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol is a compound researched by scientists over the years. It belongs to the Cannabis family, primarily extracted from the stems, leaves, and Hemp plants’ flowers. Cannabidiol is a potent compound that has a lot of therapeutic effects on both humans and animals alike.

THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is another compound found alongside Cannabidiol. It is the one that’s responsible for the euphoric side-effect known as the “High” state by the majority of the society. Luckily, in most CBD forms, THC has fewer amounts and is not potent enough to make a person exhibit the “High” state.

Law stated that only an amount of 0.3% THC is allowable to sell on the market. Even though Cannabidiol can counteract or balance the THC effects, it is strictly limited by any means to protect people of the society who may be allergic to the substance or are potentially harmful to them (e.g., pregnant women, children, etc.).

What Is CBD Vape Cartridge?

A cartridge is a part of a vape pen that serves as a reservoir for the juice. CBD cartridge is a tube filled with CBD juices, and then it’s attached to the vaporizer and pen for usage. The reservoir’s size can vary, but most of it has 0.5 ml and 1 ml in volumes. The ratio of how many puffs you could do before running out of juices is about 0.5 ml is to 100 puffs. By doing the math, if you have 1 ml of fluids, that would be about 200 puffs, and so on.

What To Look Out For When Choosing A Cartridge?

Many of us do not want low-quality products like choosing our clothes, house appliances, or even pens. That is the same with selecting cartridges. A faulty or low-quality cartridge could lead to breaking down and leak the juices from it and could potentially break your vape pen. Below is the list of both high and low qualities to look out for!

Low-Quality Cartridges:

  • Signs of more return and refund in reviews for the manufacturers.
  • A circular-shaped ring that does not fit on the vaporizer or pen.
  • The materials are made of plastic that has a chemical that reacts to CBD substances, like Terpenes.
  • Moist wicks are made from chemicals that may cause allergies to the users.

High-Quality Cartridges:

  • A circular-shaped ring that fits the vaporizer or pen easily.
  • Made from ceramic or heat-resistant glass.
  • Air-sealed joints that prevent leakage and air from entering.

Why Choose To Vape CBD?

Vaping is a convenient way to consume CBD as it is lightweight, easy to use, and can be carried anywhere. You can use it everywhere you want at any time of the day, considering it is the ideal environment to use it. Not only are they changing the way of smoking, but CBD vape cartridges are also available in many stores online and locally. The onset of CBD through vaping is faster than most methods. CBD vape puffs are directly inhaled into the lungs, and the lungs absorb the substances.

The substance works its way through the bloodstream and spread through systems of our body, primarily to our brain. Compared to the puffs, ingested CBD passes through the stomach and works its way to the kidneys and liver, making it have a delayed onset.

Despite having an acute onset, or fast-acting effects, CBD inhaled through the lungs has a shorter duration than the ingested ones. But through vaping it, it makes up for its short duration. However, be responsible enough not to puff too much as this could do more harm than help.


3 Kinds Of CBD Cartridges You Could Choose

Along with other forms of CBD, the CBD cartridges have three kinds you could choose from. The choice solely depends on the user to decide, as it has different levels of benefits corresponding to the type. The types are Full-spectrum, Broad-spectrum, and isolate cartridges.

  1. Full-Spectrum
    As the name suggests, Full-spectrum has the most robust effects out of the three as it has a considerable amount of Cannabidiol, Cannabinoids, and Terpenes extracted from the Hemp. THC levels, however, remained in the legal amounts, which is 0.3%.
  2. Broad-Spectrum
    Broad-spectrum maintains the Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Cannabidiol levels. The only difference between this and the full-spectrum is that it has no THC. Many markets positively promote broad-spectrum for its benefits, not only that, but it’s also affordable (link: A lot of users seek TCH-free cartridges while also having the help of the substance.
  3. Isolate Cartridges
    These cartridges do not contain THC, Cannabinoids, and Terpenes. It only has Cannabidiol. However, it still has the full effects of CBDs and is perfect for those niche users.


Every cartridge type varies with its effects, usage, and external reasons for buying it, like affordability and availability. You have the full freedom to choose which one you would like. You can even test out each of them. However, be mindful of the potential adverse effects it will bring to you or others. Always stay safe and stay healthy!

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