Best Time to do Upper Mustang Trek


“An exotic and many scenic country on large and extension of Tibetan plateau

Explore intriguing and impressive culture of both Buddhism and old Bon religions

Beautiful, spectacular scenery of Upper Mustang magical and different landscapes

Adventure into arid, barren and windswept terrain of high red gorge and coves

Have a tour around lovely villages and fascinating monasteries of ancient heritage

Former forbidden and old walled kingdom of Lo-Manthang with glorious history”


The optimum time to complete Upper Mustang Trek comes from April to October several weeks including spring, summer time to mid-fall/fall seasons with monsoon wet several weeks of June to August. Trekkers may be surprised that you can venture to Upper Mustang even just in wet several weeks of monsoon occasions of This summer and August, the truth is the location of Upper Mustang is extremely dry, harsh and barren where monsoon heavy rains hardly touch.

Where dark monsoon rain clouds are blocked and obstructed through the high Himalayan Mountain range, where the southern part of the Himalaya Mountain is impacted by monsoon rains, where’s north and the other side of Himalaya barely get enough rain. That’s the reason the nation landscape is dry and arid the majority of the year, with hardly any plant life and farm fields. Upper Mustang extra time from the vast The West Tibetan plateau.

Despite the fact that travelers can trek to Upper Mustang almost all several weeks of the season except from November to March, because of cold and freezing temperatures, the most effective time comes from April to May with September and October several weeks.

However, November can also be the very best season but local villagers start moving from November month perfectly into a low warm place to escape the cold winter. Where the majority of the lodge and a few villages is going to be nearly deserted and closed.

Buddhism and old Bon

The optimum time to select April and could, where days tend to be longer for walks too to savor grand views of surrounding beautiful scenery with towering snow peaks. Where days tend to be warmer than other occasions of the season, the weather and temperatures too the landscapes of Upper Mustang is much like Tibet such as the people and culture of both Buddhism and old Bon sect (pre and early animism cult before Buddhism has been around since the sixth Century.

Throughout the springtime of April and could, where days are obvious and sunlight can be quite vibrant during mid-day because of thin air and nothing, where Ultra violet is going to be much more powerful. All trekkers require strong sun-screen cream and necessary gear to stay away from strong sun rays of sunlight and Ultra violet, in addition to walking in a steady but very slow pace will help you acclimatize using the thin air.

Upper Mustang Trek

Another best season to complete Upper Mustang Trek is September and October, because of publish-monsoon rain around lower Mustang. Where Upper regions of Mustang will get enough moisture, however the hillsides and valley are nearly eco-friendly with a few plant life, tall trees are couple of the only real surviving trees about this thin air and harsh terrain is poplars, juniper, and willows.

September and October are among the best and popular seasons of fall for Upper Mustang along with other Himalayan destinations, in which the flow of trekkers is more than other occasions of the season. Days are extremely vibrant with very obvious blue sky to enjoy the majority of the wonderful and stunning views of surrounding landscapes including high snow-capped mountain tops.

Best season for Upper Mustang Trek

Routes to Upper Mustang normally begins from Jomsom, the headquarter capital of scotland- Mustang district too primary hub of Thakali the indigenous tribe of Lower Mustang and Kaligandaki River valley. From Jomsom town where walks stick to the ancient Trans Himalaya Salt Trade and Caravan Path to Tibet border, which falls beyond Lo-Manthang around Upper Mustang leading to high Karo-La pass.

Upper Mustang begins after reaching Kagbeni and fascinating old village the doorway to Upper Mustang and beyond to Tibet, the walk follows with an old caravan trail heading right into a valley enclosed through the wall of red gorge and windswept coves.

Walk enters interesting villages of Chele, Chusang, Ghame and Tsarang as time passes to understand more about its old interesting monastery, after which finally go into the formerly forbidden walled kingdom of Lo-Manthang.


At Lo-Manthang having a free day-to visit this interesting walled village nearly how big the suburbs with narrow alley and paved roads, houses of curiosity with Tibetan design and carving. Tour from the historic and cultural center among the primary attractions of Lo-Manthang, with four grand monasteries of Namgyal Gompa, Champa Lakhang (God House), Red Thubchen Gompa, Chyodi Gompa and it is Great Entrance Hall.

A unique permission to go in Raja or king’s palace go to the interior from the old palace and also to grant a crowd with late Raja of Mustang family if at all possible. Following a fabulous and exciting experience and time around Upper Mustang mind to Jomsom and unto Pokhara to accomplish an excellent adventure on Upper

Mustang Trek round the best season of the season.

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