Best Online Slots With Free Spins To Try In 2020

King of the Trident

Pariplay have brought out yet another beautifully crafted game, and does it with a bit of classic Greek mythology! Poseidon and his trident are here as well as a red haired beauty who will swim across our reels. One of the great things about this game is that there are two separate ways of getting some of those tasty free spins in our hands!

First lets start with the Giant Respin. We can get our hands of this when we manage to hit all lit payout symbols on reels 1, 2 and 3.

Next we have the real free spins that can net us some seriously good, risk free wins! The free spin round is trigger like a lot of other games – claim free spins to play Starburst todaY. We have to land 3 or more scatter symbols, which can reward us up to 40 free spins. Better still, King of the Trident will also allow us to earn some more free spins during this phase if we land 1 or 2 scatter symbols. Giving us either 2 or 4 respectively.

Leprechaun’s Magic Megaways

This game is hot off the press, being released in late October in 2020! So whilst you might not have heard of it yet, it is absolutely a game to get into and see if we can steal the leprechauns pot of gold! This luscious looking game is shrouded in four leaf clovers, with a beautiful nature setting before us. With it being so new, the accessibility of it is huge! Not only is available on desktop, tablet and smartphone, but we are also able to get this on any smart TV!

To get our hand on the free spins we have magic pots of gold as the magic spin symbol. If we can get a hold of 3 it will trigger the magic wheel, if we land 4 or more then it will give us an additional 4 spins per extra magic spin symbol.

The Magic Wheel, is a Giant wheel sitting atop of the game board which we spin to earn ourselves those magic free spins! Being able to earn up to 12 free spins, not including the extra free spins we potentially earnt in with the symbols! This game is riveting and fun, full of beautiful Irish nature and folklore! We managed to trigger the free spin feature and managed to get £217.40 from a £2 stake!

10,0001 Nights

This Arabian Desert game is majestic and highly detailed with some truly stunning character symbols, placing us in what would seem to be a prince or princesses home. This alone would be a great reason to get into it. But this game, comes with a solid hit rate, even with a high volatility. For this game we want to try and get our hands on three or more destiny spins symbols, which gives us the potential for some huge payouts! As the name would suggest, we are able to win 10,001 times our stake!

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