Bell and Ross: The New Kids

Bell and Ross are still technically new to the game. The CompanyCompany was started in 1992 by two Swiss Designers, Bruno Belamich and Carlos A. Rosillo, for a school project. The two founders focused on creating a watch that can withstand the extreme conditions of professional use and represent the grand tradition of Swiss quality watchmaking.

The watches were inspired by the history of aviation and the military needs in the different conditions and the technologies that come with the times. The company motto “function shapes form” is best described by the Company’s output with heavy-duty watches that don’t just function well but will function that will exceed the user’s expectations.

Bell and Ross Vintage

They are focused on creating timepieces with the highest quality. Bell and Ross produced the Bell and Ross Vintage piece. This watch has a 41mm case and comes with beautiful satin-polished steel. The bezel is made from steel with an aluminum ring accent set to black, with a 60-minute scale, and finished off with a steel strap. This completes a beautiful piece.

The watch is also available with two options, a rubber black on and a more refined steel strap. The beautiful matte gray dial comes with a white Superluminova wrapped hour marker. The piece’s hands are also covered with white Superluminova, which helps with visual queues. It has a water resistance level of 100m, and it comes with an automatic mechanical movement.

Bell and Ross Instrument

Bell and Ross Instrument has many iterations and is an excellent collection made by Bell and Ross. This watch was created to serve men who are in front of extreme situations. The watch is engineered to work with precision and durability. The study model’s case is made of ceramic that comes in matte black. The subdial shows small seconds with increased visibility.

The hour markers also come with Superluminova that allows the said readability in the dark, paired with a BR-CAL quartz movement. 102 Calibre, and the straps are made with calfskin. The watches are designed to survive extreme conditions, and these specifications make sure that the Instrument will outlive all the situations thrown at it. People should see it in action.

Bell and Ross’ Movement

Since Bell and Ross are still relatively new, developing and producing in-house movements is costly. This requires a lot of resources and funding. That’s why Bell and Ross opted to use ETA movements to most of their lines as they can modify them to make them unique to their priorities. People will look at the movement, and they get shocked.

ETA movements are known to boast excellent performance ratings and reliability in different grades when it comes to having a COSC certification. What makes it remarkable is only 3% of all the Swiss pieces are COSC certified. This gives an impression that the ETA movement is of sufficient quality. Also, when it comes to repairs, it would be more cost-effective.

Is Bell and Ross a Good Brand?

Bell and Ross is one of the newer luxury watches, but don’t let this discourage you from getting a piece from Bell and Ross. Since it’s a Luxury watch, don’t expect to cheap out on the price. Just because it’s relatively a new brand, that doesn’t mean that Bell and Ross are cheap. They are continuing to create quality pieces and beautiful wrist jewelry.

When you are buying a luxury watch, the owner will get a watch and the brand and image that it gives the owners. The prestige and sense of exclusivity of wearing a luxury branded watch is something most people would love. But no mistake Bell and Ross on your wrist; people will be complementing and asking about it. Get ready to be the center of it all.


Bell and Ross is still a growing brand and as a company. But ever since 1992, the Company has made great strides to put out quality products. Because Bell and Ross have meticulous processes and reliable partnerships for making their pieces themselves, the customer base is the watch world’s experts. They see the quality and reliability of the brand.

Most professionals who choose Bell and Ross are elite armed forces units, submariners, pilots, astronauts, law enforcement, divers, and the list goes on and on. These people know the quality, and with their line of profession, they scrutinize their equipment because they rely on their equipment to do their jobs well. These prove nothing but Bell and Ross are legit.

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