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COD Warzone

No game is universally loved. But COD Warzone comes pretty close. If you, too, are a die-hard fan, you must know how tough some battles within the game can get.

So before you dive into the battlefield, we are here with some tips that you should keep in mind for a head start over others. But first, check out the battlelog for the best warzone cheats that can help you become a pro at the game. And once you have, read the following 5 tips and tricks for COD Warzone.

Vary your gun types

You, as a player, can carry two weapons. For effective gameplay, avoid using both from the same weapon class. Instead, try to pair up short-range and long-range weapons together. Doing this has multiple benefits. It firstly allows you to increase your firing range. Keeping close-range weapons like short-range assault rifles would help you in close combat. At the same time, long-range weapons like sniper rifles are excellent in shooting targets from afar.

The second advantage is that you do not have to keep and drain the same type of ammo in a team. Someone better in close combat can keep close-range weapons while the snipers do their part and keep sniper rifles.

Always stay alert and attentive on the battlefield

You must always be on the lookout for any type of danger against your team. Thus, staying attentive all the time is imperative. Looking out for flares, noting gunshot directions, being extra careful about footsteps or any type of enemy signals or movements will help you avoid ambush or surprise attacks.

You must also be attentive towards your teammates. Keeping your teammates close, always calling out in case of danger, escaping the play zone in time – everything adds up to help your team survive.

Revive your teammates only when it’s safe

Many times during close combat or long-range fights, you will be in a fix whether to first finish the enemy or revive your teammate. Under such circumstances, you must make a decision very carefully. One wrong move can lead to the enemy finishing your team. The golden rule in close combat fights is that you must revive your teammates only when they are not under the enemy’s radar.

In a long-range fight as well, first, check for the enemy’s aim. Also, ensure that your teammate is shielded. The enemy could stop firing to trick you. And while you think it is safe for you to let your guard down, they would be waiting for you to show up within their aiming radius.

Always go for the kill

Battle royale games are not just skill-based games. They also test your psychological strength. Aggressive gameplay can ensure your dominance on the battlefield, which makes the other team a bit cautious. And in their worry, they might end up making mistakes. Play aggressively by noting the direction of gun firing and hunting down the enemy while not letting your guard down.

Remember, you do not want to be overconfident in the process, or it could turn out to be your doom. Also, after knocking down an opponent, try to end their lives completely. Otherwise, they might try to crawl back to their teammates and end up getting revived. So finish them before they can get any help.

Stick with your team

One of the most important things to realize in the COD Warzone is that the more teammates you have to back you up in a fight, the more are your winning chances. While you must loot and look out for enemies, do not wander far from your team. When rushing towards the enemy or flanking, always inform your teammates.

Also, when you spot an enemy, inform your team and wait for them to arrive before firing. Always remember, you might only see one player. The last thing you’d want to do is take up a fight thinking it’s a one on one when in reality, the opposite team has backup ready to fire at you.


These were the top five tips that we think you can use to your advantage in COD Warzone. While these are just tactical solutions for the gameplay, the final execution relies on your skill and ability. Practice your aims and reflexes for the best gameplay. And comment down below your own tips and hacks.

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